Surprised? Eco fee agency boss linked to Liberals, eHealth

by Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star

The head of embattled Stewardship Ontario is a well-connected Liberal who has retained a former eHealth consultant to do damage control for the recycling agency in charge of new “eco fees” on thousands of household products, the Star has learned.

Gemma Zecchini, once a staffer in former premier David Peterson’s government and a donor to the Liberal party, turned for help to Hugh MacPhie, a Conservative communications expert best known as an author of former eHealth Ontario boss Sarah Kramer’s notorious $25,000 speech.   Read more

14 thoughts on “Surprised? Eco fee agency boss linked to Liberals, eHealth

  1. “That’s private,” said communications director Amanda Harper-Sevonty. The agency promised a statement on the issues facing it on Wednesday but nothing has been released.

    Why is everything to do with this government, OUR government, OUR money, PRIVATE??? Why do people always have to go through freedom of information for accountability and information when it’s our money?? What is going on here?

  2. McGuinty and Gerretsen are on holiday trying to figure out who to blame for this mess.

    That’s the beauty of handing over power and responsibility to an arms-length organization…there is no public accountability.

  3. Interesting development as reported in the Toronto Star: “However, sources say personnel from the OPP’s anti-rackets branch executed search warrants and raided government ministries in the Macdonald Block near the Ontario Legislature on Thursday.

    That block contains offices for numerous ministries and agencies, including the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, and Ontario Realty Corp., the government’s real estate arm.”–opp-probes-ministry-staff

  4. Dalton McGuinty made a brief public statement today … “I see Nothing!”

  5. Jamie –

    So??? Cons/Libs — what’s the difference?

    This round of eco fees were putting these on consumables – or a sneaky SIN tax. This government had no auditing or accountability checks and balances in place whatsoever.

    Do two wrongs make a right?

  6. Eco TAX has been pulled!………………now Ontarians can all go back to sleep!

    UNLESS some of you can’t sleep now that you’ve seen how absolutely disgusting this Government has shown itself to be!

    Gerettson right now is blabbing a huge pile of BS on TV trying to explain how much his Government “cares” about it’s citizens!

    Just turn this all over 180 degrees and you will see how blatantly ignorant this Government has become!

  7. Poor McGuinty, another day another
    bungle. Instead of retooling the eco
    fee, he should retool his government.
    Gerettson “cares about Ontarians”, small
    words coming from a small mind.

  8. I guess that McGuinty, Duguid and the Ontario Liberals can now refocus their efforts on “The War Against Affordable Energy”…..AKA the Green Energy Act ….so that they can take more monies out of our pockets and encourage employers to relocate outside of Ontario….

  9. Funny that the one of the people in the Management of the Green Energy Act Alliance was:
    Don McCabe
    Vice President, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

    Not Funny Ha Ha but strange that this man who was VP to an organization that is supposed to represent Farmer’s interests lined himself up with such a destructive group of individuals who wanted to destroy Farms and Rural Lands with the establishment of massive Industrial complexes that are just now proving to be a Scam of monumental proportions………… wonder our Rural neighbours never had a chance from the get go!

    While your looking into other organizations involved in perpetuating this Scam look into the Association of Municiplaities of Onatrio and see what their stance is regarding Wind Farms. Their homepage should be self explanatory………………………..again, this organization is supposed to operate in the Municipalities best interests!

    RIGHT!………….and the list is endless….a stacked deck of cards against anything even remotely considered “unbiased”

    Worthy of further investigations?………..YES!

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