Kincardine Council to lobby for wind concerns

Councillor Randy Roppel

By Hilary Holmes, Special to the KINCARDINE NEWS

The Council of the Municipality of Kincardine agreed to support the Building and Planning Committees’ recommendation for local politicians to lobby the Association of Municipalities of Ontario and other municipal organizations with citizens’ concerns on wind farms at the upcoming AMO conference.

“I strongly recommend that it be the mayor that carry the stick on this matter,” stated Councillor Randy Roppel. Mayor Larry Kraemer acknowledged this responsibility and promised to represent concerned individuals in the best manner possible.

Originally, the Municipality was asked to review and support the Arran-Elderslie Wind Turbine By-law. The Building and Planning Committee discussed many aspects of this request, and did not support passing the by-law as it could put the Municipality in direct conflict with Provincial legislation and be subjected to court proceedings.

The appeal to support the statute was discussed at the Building and Planning meeting of May 3, 2010. The Committee opened the floor at this meeting and had a broad discussion with the public relating to wind turbines and the Green Energy and Green Economy Act. The public addressed worries of negative effects on health, landscape and environment, and voiced their desire to gain back municipal control.

An additional conversation was hosted by the Building and Planning Committee to discuss health concerns, flashing lights, and compound issues with the local nuclear industry. They referred to the Provincially mandated Green Energy Act, and wind efficiency at the June 4, 2010 meeting. The Committee then talked about politicians lobbying for citizens on the matter.

Members of the Committee spoke about the fact that the by-law is not considered applicable law for the issuance of building permits. The Ontario Building Code Act clearly outlines when a permit should be issued, and the by-law in question would conflict with that Act.

The Province of Ontario passed the Green Energy and Green Economy Act as law on May 14, 2009. The document offers a complete code for the approval of renewable energy projects such as wind turbines, and creates a regulatory system and appeal process to the Environmental Review Board.

By lobbying on behalf of citizens at the AMO gathering, the Municipality will avoid coming in direct conflict with the Province.

9 thoughts on “Kincardine Council to lobby for wind concerns

  1. Great news! I hope all Municipalities will agree to send a very strong message to the Province. We the people of rural Ontario want democratic due process back in our Townships. We feel strongly that only our own elected Municipalities truly know where the shoe pinches. Many of our Forefathers made great sacrifices and the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our democratic rights. Lest we never forget. …… Godspeed!

  2. Where was the AMO when their rights were stripped by McGuinty?
    It is no wonder the province can take over and make sure citizens can not govern their own land.

  3. The AMO is “Pro-wind” and is working against the Municipalities of this Province instead of representing their best interests.

    Come election day hopefully we have a new more active and honest host of Councilors who will ask some very pointed questions of the AMO!

    Maybe replacement of some top Directors would be in order?…………..even better, a complete scuttling of these Provincially -aligned agencies and get back to some honest and truthful organizations that actually represent taxpayers and not politicians!!!!!!

  4. A Ipsos Reid poll commissioned by the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) finds that nine in 10 Ontario residents support the production of wind energy in their region of the province for its economic and environmental benefits. The level of support remains high even when respondents were asked if a wind project’s location is within their own community. View the Full Report “Wind Energy in Ontario” :

  5. well Mark, in our community now the stupid things are up, there are more and more remarks about what a useless eye sore they are. Of course most people thought wind energy was free and now they know different, their energy bills are going through the roof! Now they know they are not as quiet as a whisper for everyone,for some they are very loud. I’m sure AIM-IPC knew who would suffer the most and didn’t care as long as they got their way

  6. Hey Mark..did you help pay for the fake Ipsos Reid Poll?
    I think your a bit too Windy for anyone to take seriously!

  7. “Our continuing acquisitions of GE turbines and Invenergy’s enhanced relationship with CanWEA are evidence of our commitment to the future of wind energy in Canada,” said Mark Bell, Invenergy’s Canadian Director.

  8. Gee Quixote….make you wonder if the car companies actually just buy the “Car of the Year Award”…with their advertising and promotion budgets….

  9. Remember it was Kincardine Council that approved construction of the windmills north of Tiverton while Port Elgin rejected them and approved the Nuclear Waste Dump despite public objection. Council members even manned the Deep Geological Repository office in Kincardine!! Now they show concern right before an election!!!

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