Solar burning up tax dollars

 By Matthew R. Ford, Windsor Star

Last year, Dwight Duncan was in Tecumseh to make an announcement regarding placing expensive taxpayer-subsidized solar panels on a government building.

Impressionable schoolchildren were brought in for the photo-op at which time Dwight Duncan said that people want to question the financial feasibility of projects like this but we have to do them no matter what the cost.

He labelled us as naysayers to be dismissed, and Duncan proudly cut the ribbon and kissed the closest available baby. Fast-forward to the news from his own Liberal Energy Minister Brad Duguid that they were cutting the generous taxpayer subsidy to solar and we now have a totally different outcome for solar projects in Ontario.

Dwight, your own government is questioning the feasibility. To say the solar companies are mad is an understatement.

This government, including Dwight Duncan and all other political parties that dismissed legitimate concerns about the long-term feasibility of these fantasy-laced green energy projects at a time when Ontario has an abundance of energy, should be ashamed of themselves for being so reckless with tax dollars.

To those that supported this nonsense in the Liberal, NDP and the Conservative parties, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Maybe next time you will pick up a book and read up on the 40-year history of these green-energy schemes and to some who knew and said nothing. Next time have some courage to take a stand.

4 thoughts on “Solar burning up tax dollars

  1. According to the Kingston Whig standard, the new solar arrays being built in prince Edward county are going to have BATTERIES!!! They just keep getting greener!;)

  2. Matthew, though there were many at the time supported what you call “nonsense” I would like to know how many of these MPP’s are still thinking the same way today. The NDP and the Conservatives presently are more interested in sending you unsolicited emails complaining about the HST when they should be complaining about the waste of taxpayer’s money and what they are going to be doing about it with regards to wind turbines.

    The only thing as a taxpayer that I am interested in hearing is, if elected in the next election we will remove the HST, this is not happening, why? Concerning the waste of taxpayers dollars, where are the NDP and the Conservative voice’s in saying, we will stop this waste in the next election, this is not happening, why? They need to be saying something now?

    On the subject of children, if we are going to be using children to push renewable energy then the true story should be told to them, if tax dollars are going to be wasted then I would rather see the monies being used on solar as it is a renewable energy source that produces electrical power when most needed. If you explained to a child that you had two devices that you wanted to use, that produced electrical power and asked them to choose between the two on those days, that the wind was not blowing, you wouldn’t be all that surprised by the answer. Not that I would be, I’d be more interested in the look that they would give you upon you asking the question. Out of the mouths of babes and more than likely the children of the province, have the answers to our problems as long as they are being told all of the facts.

    On a final note, there have been a whole lot of people voicing their concerns over this issue, the problem is the Liberals do not care because they have the majority, they do what they feel like and expect you to sit back and like it. You write and complain, they do not bother to even acknowledge that you even exist, that in itself tells the true story.

  3. For parents to ALLOW these people literally “use their children” to sell their fake agenda is a crime!

    All parents should be very vigilant and aware of what is going on inside the school rooms right now!

    Find out what your children are being taught and why. Where have all the concerned parents gone?

    When you see glossy sheets of Green Propaganda coming home with their school work, take those sheets out and study them, read them, ask yourself what is wrong with this picture!

    Our youth are being “groomed” for the future of political agendas unlike anything we have ever witnessed in our lifetime!

    The elections are coming here in October, this will be your last chance to question the future School Board Trustees that will occupy positions of power.

    Ask them what the Green Agenda in schools are really all about and listen very closely to the answers, if you get any!

    Possibly organize a bus trip for the youth to a “Wind Farm” and let them see for themselves the negative side of this “glorious magic land of wind mills and clean energy”……….possibly allow them to get off the bus and meet people like Barbra Ashbee who has gone through living hell putting up with this nightmare………..

    Here’s another thought……………..demand a course in school in “Politics 101” similar to the ones I experienced back in the 60’s…………where we learned how people can represent the people, or should and how when they stop representing the public and start representing the money interests, politics become a tyranny!

    It’s up to US to educate OUR children!

  4. Point of Interest;

    Everyone who hears the word “windmill” thinks exactly that, a man made device that really isn’t all that menacing. Windmills over the years were and still are, more practical for the many purposes for which they were and are being used.

    A windmill could still be used manually if the wind wasn’t blowing, they’d hook up a team of horses, mules or whatever four legged animal (country specific) to do the job of the wind.

    When referring to “Wind turbines” in order to better alert the uninformed about wind turbines, one should never refer to them as “windmills”. Wind turbines, have blades, not sails and when the wind isn’t blowing, the only thing they do, is to consume electricity straight out of the grid, while still making monies for the wind companies.

    Sadly, this profit is at the expense of the taxpayer. By their design, windmills are very picturesque, wind turbines however by their design are in no way pleasing to the mind and if someone tells you different, then there really isn’t much between their ears.

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