Wind turbine floodgates coming to Melancthon

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The floodgates of wind turbine developers are coming to those communities who do not support the Arran-Elderslie bylaw.

Melanthon’s lawyer, Mr. Osyany, has advised Melancthon Council to not support the Arran-Elderslie bylaw.

A letter from him was read aloud at the last Melancthon council meeting. My husband suggested that our Council contact Arran-Elderslie, and Grey Highlands to find out why they and 20 other Municipalities do support the Arran-Elderslie bylaw; and how they are planning to defend their position.

There is a closed-door meeting of our Melancthon Council on Tuesday, July 13, at 8:30 a.m. in the Council Chambers regarding the agreement between the Township of Melancthon and International Power Corporation regarding Plateau III Wind Farm. This is in addition to the 401 Energy Wind Project.

Also of utmost importance is to notify citizens of a Draft Official Plan meeting on Thursday, July 15, at 6:00 p.m.

The mapping for our Draft 2010 Melancthon Official Plan is completed by Melancthon Township planner G. W. Jorden.

What is on the “Land Use” Draft Official Plan review is whether the OP protects our source water resources, and prime agricultural cropland, against mining, turbines, rail, roads and cumulative water taking.

How are all Land Use interests balanced in this Draft Official Melancthon OP? This is not just a local issue, because if the Highland quarry proceeds, water drawdown could affect communities as far away as Simcoe.

Joan Lever,  Melancthon

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4 thoughts on “Wind turbine floodgates coming to Melancthon

  1. Reminder to residents of the Township of Centre Wellington: “So much for the following”

    – Letter by MP Michael Chong dated March 11 2010 to Minister of Environment concerning Invenergy Wind Canada ULC is proposing a wind farm project consisting of 25 to 35 wind turbines in an area five kilometers northwest of Belwood, Ontario. Many people have voiced concerns that this project will negatively impact a number of migratory birds and species at risk, as of this date no known acknowledgements and or response.

    – Letter which was sent by Mayor Ross-Zuj to Minister of the Environment dated April 27 2010, as of this date no known acknowledgements and or response.

    – Letter dated June 14 2010 by CAO, to “obtain a legal opinion on the powers of Wellington County Council or its local municipalities to regulate wind energy and other renewable or alternative energy projects”, as of this date no known acknowledgements and or response.

    – As of this date The Township of Centre Wellington has of yet to come up with its own By-law regarding wind turbines. Rather they have chosen to still ride the coat tails of a neighboring municipality’s By-law and as a result still doing nothing for their own residents.
    Please note this is in no way disrespectful of Mapleton’s By-Law as there is a wind farm being built within the boundaries of Arthur.

    We would like to see a “made” in the Township Centre Wellington By-law. However there is no likelihood of this ever happening because they have danced around this matter from the beginning only making it appear that they are concerned. If they were truly as apprehensive of wind turbines as the area residents of Belwood are the township would have already taken on the same stand as Arran-Elderslie council has.

    “Yeah, I know they would need to grow a pair.”

    So we now know what the Legal Council will be saying/telling the County of Wellington?

  2. When a Township lets lawyers and planners do the decision making for the Council then 99% of the time those decisions are all “pro-Government”

    That is just the bare faced truth here!

    Forget about fighting with your present Council and Mayor who are obviously aligned with the Wind Industry and not the electorate anymore.

    On October 25th remove all Councilors and the Mayor from power. Replace them with some honest concerned citizens who care about their Lands, Water and Neighbours!

    Simple eh?

    Just find some folks who are willing to give up 4 years of their evening hours to fight the good fight………now that’s not much to ask is it?

    If it is then nobody should complain about being sold out by a bunch of money mongers!

  3. You are absolutely correct.

    Both Libs and Conservatives are in bed with the corporations. Expect nothing significant from Chong who panders and pats the voters on the head.

    Many Lib MPPs are also concerned about McGuinty’s corporate bed-fellows.

    Left and right and even Greens don’t understand the need to take on corporations themselves as they steamroller over rights and environment together.

  4. “The floodgates of wind turbine developers are coming to those communities who do not support the Arran-Elderslie bylaw.”


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