Energy Consultant says Horizon ESR falls short

By Leith Dunick, 

A Toronto energy consultant has promised to blast holes in Horizon Wind Inc.’s environmental screening report for its proposed wind farms on the Nor’ Wester Mountain range.

Michael McLeod , president of M.D. McLeod and Associates, has requested to appear Monday night before council to speak about the Big Thunder Wind Park, as well as a review of the corporate draft report scheduled for presentation that evening.

“Having reviewed the draft ESR, I have found it to be very insufficient, full of errors and omissions which will be identified and brought to your attention,” McLeod writes in his deputation request to city clerk John Hannam.

“Given the public interests and intensity, plus the implications this project would have on the community, it would be my suggestion that council and administration should hold off making any further decisions or recommendations until all the relevant data has been received and appropriately reviewed by shareholders, within a fair and appropriate amount of time.”

2 thoughts on “Energy Consultant says Horizon ESR falls short

  1. Now all the Councilors are so very very “concerned” about their citizens and lands..where were they a year ago?

  2. Where they were a year ago is neither here nor there. Consciousness evolves at its own tempo. We have to stay in the present, and this is good news, wouldn’t you agree, Quixote?

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