Danish Citizens Protest Wind Turbines

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The postcard image of Denmark in harmony with wind turbines has been shattered.

By Peter Skeel Hjorth,  Journalist. July 24, 2010

Protests from more and more Danish neighbours of wind turbines on land have stopped wind power projects and made local politicians reluctant to approve licences. This is evident from a front page article in yesterday’s edition of Jyllandsposten which is one of the country’s biggest national newspapers.

Denmark has up till now systematically been highlighted as the good example where the population live in harmony with more than 5000 wind turbines that produce 20 per cent of the country’s electricity. The postcard image of Denmark with Vestas and Siemens as the main producers of wind turbines has shattered.

Several places around the country see acrimonious conflicts between the authorities and neighbours of wind turbines, writes Jyllandsposten.

The case about a national test centre is not the only example of growing resistance.  With a broad majority behind it in the Danish parliament the government will build a test centre for seven 250 meter high sea wind turbines in Northern Jutland and clear 5 square kilometres of forest area to create the right wind conditions.  For more information click here www.nationalttestcenter.dk

One of the strongest critics of Danish wind power, the well-known journalist and columnistr Claes Kastholm Hansen, calls it a democratic scandal.

“People are thoroughly fed up having their property devalued and their sleep disturbed by big wind turbines 130 and up to 200 meters high” , says the chairperson of a new Danish national association to Jyllandsposten.

The association was started about a year ago. 40 Danish protest groups have already joined, and more are on their way. Several places protests have put a stop to the erection of wind turbines or made the council exercise restraint, writes the newspaper. On Sealand the Swedish energy giant Vattenfal has been forced to abandon the erection of three huge wind turbines. A narrow majority in the local council voted no to two of them after severe pressure from protesting neighbours.

The article in Jyllandsposten http://jp.dk/indland/article2131636.ece

8 thoughts on “Danish Citizens Protest Wind Turbines

  1. Clear cutting 5 square km of forest, for the right wind conditions? More GREEN power:(

  2. If Denmark if the Model for Green Wind Energy there are real significant problems….Here’s a couple of paragraphs from “A Problem With Wind Power” [www.aweo.org] by Eric Rosenbloom
    “In 1998, Norway commissioned a study of wind power in Denmark and concluded that it has “serious environmental effects, insufficient production, and high production costs.”

    “The head of Xcel Energy in the U.S., Wayne Brunetti, has said, “We’re a big supporter of wind, but at the time when customers have the greatest needs, it’s typically not available.” Throughout Europe, wind turbines produced on average less than 20% of their theoretical (or rated) capacity. Yet both the British and the American Wind Energy Associations (BWEA and AWEA) plan for 30%. The figure in Denmark was 16.8% in 2002 and 19% in 2003 (in February 2003, the output of the more than 6,000 turbines in Denmark was 0!).”

    “Denmark (population 5.3 million) has over 6,000 turbines that produced electricity equal to 19% of what the country used in 2002. Yet no conventional power plant has been shut down. Because of the intermittency and variability of the wind, conventional power plants must be kept running at full capacity to meet the actual demand for electricity. Most cannot simply be turned on and off as the wind dies and rises, and the quick ramping up and down of those that can be would actually increase their output of pollution and carbon dioxide (the primary “greenhouse” gas). So when the wind is blowing just right for the turbines, the power they generate is usually a surplus and sold to other countries at an extremely discounted price, or the turbines are simply shut off. ”

    Just these 3 paragraphs are a real indictment for GREEN ? Wind Energy…

    In light of this you have to wonder why any Government with an ounce of sense would blow over $20 Billion on FAKE Green Energy unless you objective was to increase everyone’s costs in an effort to force Conservation on the public…

    This is the essence of the Ontario Liberals “War Against Affordable Energy”..

    And Dalton (Jolly Green Giant – See Lorrie Goldstein article) McGuinty thinks that we will put up with a Cap and Trade System in Canada after it’s been an abysmal failure in Europe…

    Give you head a shake, then a good whack Dalton !!

    It sure took the Danes a long time to wake up to the Wind Energy hoax..I hope that Ontarians are quite as dopey as the Danes….

  3. Dalton has so completely committed our province to this failure of Wind that he can’t back out now…….he will take us all down a very dangerous and black hole with his Green Agenda and there is nothing short of throwing him to the curb that will save us!

  4. This is such important news from Denmark. Every certified Greenie must have access to this kind of information. Why is this not at the top of the CBC News?

  5. Power production is only one part of the equation with industrial wind turbines. The production part is not much, we know that. When power is produced should also be considered. If produced when no power is needed (seems to be most times for industrial wind) all efforts are wasted. The amount of power benefiting consumers is lower than what is being reported. Other factors that limit industrial wind power benefits (pre-paying for power from reliable sources to meet expected demand) make the inclusion of industrial wind power onto the grid a big waste of time and money. No reduction in other power production is possible because no one knows if there will be wind in an hour or two when grid operators have to ensure power is there for expected demand. Build more wind turbines? A lot of wind turbines are just as capable of producing non-demand power as a single one.

  6. Excellent question, Claire.

    Have you telephoned and emailed CBC and perhaps CTV and Global as well?

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