Ceremony on Scarborough Bluffs

David Grey Eagle with community members in a spontaneous ceremony on the Scarborough Bluffs, which is in danger of having environmental degradation with 60-400 plus behemoth turbines in the drinking water for millions of people. The Great Lakes are under seige.  Hundreds of opportunistic developers are lined up to place turbine factories in 20% of the world’s remaining fresh water reserves.  This must not happen. This is drinking water for 35 million people.

5 thoughts on “Ceremony on Scarborough Bluffs

  1. When McGuinty tries to sleep now he will hear the drum beat and the animal cries that he has brought upon himself.

    He will “rue the day” he sold Ontario out and I wouldn’t want to be like him!

    I have experienced Native Ceremonies by way of the Bear Clan and I wouldn’t want to defy the ancestors like McGuinty is doing…………I don’t expect he will be quite the same now that the Native songs have been sung!


    HISTORY, can never be changed. I can close my eyes and I envision, I hear one of McGuinty’s grand children, say to their Grand Father:

    Grandchild – “Gram-pa why, did you allow all those animals to be slaughtered by those windy things”,

    Grandchild – “Gram-pa why, did you make all those animals and people get sick and have to leave their homes, Gramp-pa please tell me why, please.”

    McGuinty – “Well my child, I did it for the MONEY , I thought I was doing the right thing by giving away Ontario taxpayers dollars to BIG BUSINESS” for something, that DID NOT WORK in the end”

    Mcguinty – “Why, you so sad my child”,

    Grandchild – “Gramp-pa you very BAD, you very very BAD Gramp-pa!

    Mr. D. McGuinty I ask, how are you going to justify your STUPIDITY to your family and grand children over this mess, that your putting Ontario through?

    I know what I’ll tell my grand children, “That’s what happens when you VOTE LIBERAL”?

  3. Exactly Correct!……………to have your name go down in history as the person who destroyed all that made this Province a once great place to live should make this man shrivel up and disappear………………to be hated and loathed by a whole generation of people without showing a shred of compassion makes one wonder what “illness” this man is suffering……………..several mental conditions come to mind.

  4. Mr. Alias:

    “I know what I’ll tell my grand children, “That’s what happens when you VOTE LIBERAL”? ”

    ..or Progressive Conservative or worse NDP or Green or…

    Like, uh, what is the difference amongst these parties? Don’t they all see this “Green Machine” concept as a situation to be milked for themselves and their buddies?

    Isn’t the Newmarket MPP on a company board or the executive or something?

    Oh Yeah… I think it’s these guys — Natural gas/electricity

    I think every party has a hand somewhere in the energy sector.

    Surprisingly as we research the background and comment on it, the information seems to get pulled from public view.

  5. David, your absolutely correct.

    Your comment, reminded me of a joke, where the Bad guy was holding a gun to the head of a Good guy. The Bad guy, says to the Good guy, “who you going to be voting for in the 2011 provincial election, now tell me, is it going to be the Liberals, the Conservatives, the NDP or is it going to be the Green Party”?
    Good guy says, “shoot”!

    What is the difference between an Automated Teller Machine and the Taxpayers of Ontario, there is no difference between the two, they both come with what seems to be an endless supply of cash.

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