Toronto Wind Action interview with Dr Robert McMurtry

Industrial Wind Turbines are invading Ontario. There is No Safe Place. Your children’s health is compromised by IWTs being placed too close to homes and human activities.  You will never look at a wind turbine in the same way.

7 thoughts on “Toronto Wind Action interview with Dr Robert McMurtry

  1. We here have once again heard testimony from a very respected Medical Professional stating that Wind Turbines cause ill health in people across Ontario who art living close to these Industrial complexes.

    We also hear that our Provincial “leaders” say there are no problems with Wind Turbines.

    Who would you believe? Someone who has spent his life “healing people” or someone who has spent his life getting rich off people?

    The answer is pretty clear!

    Now let’s all unite to stop this madness with the few tools left to us……….a free Democratic voting system that will make our message “Crystal Clear!

    Enough is Enough!

  2. Fantastic video. It is encouraging to see that there are still decent and honourable people like Dr. McMurtry in the world.

  3. Thank you Dr. McMurtry for lending your credentials to this cause.

  4. How will we, Ontario Victims of Industrial Wind Turbines ever be able to thank Dr. McMurtry for vindicating the experiences of those of us who DO have sensations emanating from the IWT’s WHEN we are SURROUNDED by them AND find that these sensations DISSIPATE AFTER WE LEAVE OUR IWT ZONE!

    Dr. McMurtry has also given us the incentive to AVOID using the language of our torturers. We have gained the courage to speak the truth of our experience by denying the language of the IWT cabal.

    We use what we believe to be the correct terms: INDUSTRIAL WIND TURBINES not windmills!
    IWT ZONES not farms or parks.

    We realize we are in a struggle for our lives and speaking the truth is one of our weapons. Please help us in this David and Goliath encounter.

  5. when was this made? my painting is in the beginning of the film…..

  6. I am spending a lot of time these days researching turbines issues, and our planet that our children will inheret .I raised my children to see that this world is in trouble, and not to have children. I still believe not to have children, but Dr.Robert Mc Murtry is opening my eyes to a better future,and Sherry Lange her devotion and constant focus and resourcefullness on the Turbine issues, she just makes me feel proud to be a woman. I am also very surprise the lack of education out there. So once a month I will cerculate flyers for my lawn care and small job bussiness and write about our planets issues on the same flyers.I have a big turbine on the front flyer. Thank-you for your time.

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