McGuinty confirms three Ontario ministries under investigation

Ontario Premier finally comments for the first time on anti-rackets raids by provincial police

by Karen Howlett   Globe and Mail

Three government ministries are under investigation by the Ontario Provincial Police, says Premier Dalton McGuinty.

Staff in the Ministries of Transportation, Economic Development and Trade and Community and Social Services are being investigated by the OPP, Mr. McGuinty told reporters on Tuesday, in commenting for the first time on the probe by the anti rackets division.

The OPP raided several offices earlier this month in the Macdonald Block, a government complex that houses several ministries.

No one has been charged in connection with the investigation, which provincial police say centres on irregular financial transactions between government and outside vendors.

The Globe and Mail reported earlier that staff at Ontario Realty Corp., a Crown corporation that owns and manages the government’s real estate assets, is also under OPP investigation.

5 thoughts on “McGuinty confirms three Ontario ministries under investigation

  1. …and… How about Mike Crawley? Any investigation there or is everything”kosher”?

  2. McGuinty should step down along with his gang of Ministers until the investigation is complete!

    Don’t you think we have given this guy enough “free passes” with the E Health Scandal, the OLG Scandal, The Cancer Care Ontario fiasco, The Sex Ed “boner”, the Eco-Fee “boner” and all the lies he has has committed since being elected?…………what is wrong with Ontarians?……what’s it going to take to see that this guy’s Government is a sham?…………beating a puppy to death with his bare hands?

  3. “…beating a puppy to death with his bare hands?”

    Sadly, I don’t even think that would do it.

    “The CRTC announced it would not renew the license of the popular CHOI radio station in Quebec, after receiving about 50 complaints about offensive behavior by radio jockeys. Many thousands of the station’s fans have marched in the streets against the decision, and are organizing a march on Parliament Hill.”

  4. “…beating a puppy to death with his bare hands?”

    Sadly, I don’t even think that would do it.

    Maybe a kitten… 🙁

  5. Here’s a rather extreme thought but why couldn’t we do this?……….

    Call your Municipal Officers and demand that any single dollar of your taxes that are “earmarked for Queen’s Park” be held until the OPP have finished their investigation into McGuinty’s handling of our money………..It’s our dollars that are getting spent on possible illegal activities and I don’t want my money involved in crimes!

    When one loses all confidence in their leadership then we should all be able to remove it forcefully!

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