Throwing Caution to the Wind

The growth of wind power is exploding across Canada. Wind farms are springing up as easy investments in green energy. Scientific studies have raised serious concerns about the impact they could have on human health. But few are paying much attention.   As Sylvia Squair reports, some doctors and scientists are now joining concerned citizens, urging the government and the industry not to throw caution to the wind.

2 thoughts on “Throwing Caution to the Wind

  1. When the Municipal Council takes the side of Big Wind against the interests of it’s very own electorate then there is something fundamentally wrong with the whole Council, let alone one or two Councilors.

    These Council members ask YOU for your support when it comes time for elections and when they turn 180 degrees once achieving their position and promote Industrial and Investor’s interests over and above the Health of their very own “employers”, the PEOPLE, then their time for involvement at the Municipal decision making process should be ended permanently!

    Somehow the mere attraction of “power” sometimes makes an ordinary person behave very abnormally at times…….this is the case with this Council!

  2. This movie epitomizes what fighting wind turbines is like in far southern Ontario. Thank goodness there are people like Dr. McMurtry to beautifully bring down the dead beat councilors and wind company reps.

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