What the wind industry will not tell you

8 thoughts on “What the wind industry will not tell you

  1. To be honest…I watched the video…It was deeply disturbing….felt threatened, assaulted and ill…this slowly turns to deep anger…

  2. Great video! I had never given thought to that shadow flicker phenomenon. That would drive you crazy if you were sitting in that room trying to read.

    I wish everybody in favour of industrial wind power could watch this video–it would really test the strength of their convictions.

  3. Great video. Pictures tell the story. For every photo taken there are thousands not captured.
    Overall no useful capacity can be provided by industrial wind. When someone turns on a light most likely no power from industrial wind was there, no matter where you are. Makes all this waste for nothing more than an illusion.

  4. Great video. It certainly is a bad development, but it is also an exception. I’ve visited dozens of wind farms all around the world, and such problems are very rare. They are usually related to old wind farms built before the issue of noise and shadow flicker were understood. Wind farms are important for a sustainable future, but it takes legislation and public involvement to control wind farm development.

  5. The killing of bats and birds is not rare. And people are sick all over the world.

  6. I might remind you of tarps blowing in the wind.
    That would be aggrevating!

  7. Biozen,

    Industrial wind turbines are OBSOLETE technology and have been around since ~500 AD. They are not capable of producing reliable,sustainable,dispatchable electricity. The physics of these wind machines is plain not there and you can’t chang the scientific laws of physics to make them work no matter how hard you try.

    Secondly, wind is a very poor source of energy. Wind has the least amount of energy that can be extracted compared to the many other sources of energy used to produce electricity.

    This makes them a waste of money. The wind machines/wind turbines in use today have just been gussied up to make them look sleek and modern. The blades are made of lighter more durable material and configured better and can extract only a very little moore wind energy. The poles the blades sit atop are also just taller and stronger. But a pole is just a pole no matter how many sections it has in it.

    Would recommend that that you review your physics so that you will have more understanding of just what kind of machines wind turbines really are.

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