The Dean Report: A Noise impact assessment of the Waubra Wind Farm

Dr. Robert Thorne

Download Full Report:   The Dean – Waubra Wind Farm Report July 2010
by Robert Thorne, PhD, MS, FRSH, MIOA, MAAS
Noise Measurement Services, Brisbane Australia

Excerpt:  Further research has shown that the acoustic energy from wind turbines is capable of resonating houses, effectively turning them into three-dimensional loud speakers in which the affected residents are now expected to live.

The phenomenon of natural resonance combines to produce a cocktail of annoying sounds which not only disturb the peace and tranquility once-enjoyed by the residents, but also stimulate a number of disturbing physiological effects which manifest in the physical symptoms described above.

In the opinion of the author, backed up by residents’ surveys and scientific measurements and analysis of the noise of turbine can be a significant detractor for those living within 10 kilometres of them.

More research is urgently needed to determine the extent of the nuisance effects and what setbacks are required to minimise the negative effects on resident communities.

The long term medical implications are considerable and need to be researched before any further applications for wind farms are consented.

Failure to do this, in the opinion of the author, will significantly effect the utilization of this technology and will produce long-term consequences that will be to the detriment of the whole of society.


[1] The Waubra wind energy facility is located near Ballarat, in western Victoria, Australia. It is the largest operating wind facility in the southern hemisphere consisting of 128-1.5 megawatt turbines for a total installed capacity of 192 megawatts. The turbines were first turned on in February 2009; the facility was fully operational by July 2009.
[2] Noel Dean and his family moved away from their farm in the spring of 2009 when the headaches and other symptoms worsened.

3 thoughts on “The Dean Report: A Noise impact assessment of the Waubra Wind Farm

  1. Doctor Thorne’s report should cause any rational IWT proponent to have serious second thoughts.

    But I guess that excludes those driven by ideological zealotry and massive profit potentials .. politicians and entrepreneurial wind-baggers.

    However, hopefully the report gives the media and clear-headed-folks cause for serious critical thought.

  2. How amazing that people on the other side of the globe experience the same symptoms from their IWT’s that the Norfolk Victims of IWT’s are experiencing from the 18 Vestas which surround their homes within a 3 km radius in the Clear Creek/Cultus/Frogmore IWT ZONE.

    Within our 3 km radius we have ~ 300 houses of which 10 +/- have been abandoned, 9+/- are vacant/for sale, 9+/- are occupied/for sale and 8+/- are seasonally occupied.

    When the NVoIWT’s mounted a petition asking AIM/IPC and the three levels of government for remediation of the adverse effects of the IWT’s, > 70 people signed the petition agreeing that they were affected.

    So, here we cope by renting sleeping accommodation ~ 50 km away from home or sleeping in borrowed trailers, going back to urban homes which some still own and doing the best we can to preserve what we can of our health.

    We have been abandoned by our representatives whom we entrusted with the fiduciary duty to manage our society for the good of all its citizens not only for the greedy rapacious, ruthless opportunists among us.

  3. Whenever a journalist, politician or general twit makes the moronic statement that there are no documented links between turbines and health impacts, they should have a copy of this report flung at them!

    While I hope that the coming symposium gets the press coverage and honest reporting it deserves, I fear that the “green-washed” media will just spew their pro-industry crap as usual.

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