CanWEA’s Robert Hornung twisting the facts again

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Being concerned with the volume of errors and partial truths in Robert Hornung’s article re: wind turbines in July 14 issue, I searched original documents for my information. I’ll share as many points as space will allow.

The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA)’s website describes them as “…a non-profit trade association that promotes the appropriate development and application of all aspects of wind energy…” Could this agenda bias the author’s comments?

CanWEA’s 420 members likely include companies proposing or building wind farms in your area.

The May 20 Ontario Medical Officer of Health’s report says there is no evidence available to date of a direct causal relationship between wind turbines and adverse health effects.

This does not mean this topic has been studied and they found that wind turbines cause no problems. The wind industry continues to misquote the report by omitting “available to date”.

A recent scientific paper by Salt and Hullar links negative health effects caused by wind turbine proximity to human residences. Also, expert testimony by epidemiologist Dr. Carl Phillips who reviewed the existing evidence states, “It would certainly make little sense to conclude that there is definitely no problem, and those who make this claim offer arguments that are fundamentally unscientific.”

Mr. Hornung attempts to impress with real estate research from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (funded by the US Department of Energy).

Their conclusion states property values were not affected by proximity of wind turbines.

However, a leading real estate valuation, Appraisal Journal, studied the same data which revealed that 310 properties with a vista rated as poor sold for 21 per cent lower than 2,857 properties with an average vista.

Going on, to quote Mr. Hornung, “Successful wind energy development will result when the proponent and developer listens, understands, and responds to community needs. No wind energy project can be successful without a strong base of community support.”

Unfortunately the words of the community members have been nulified by 1) the Ontario Government taking away the right of our elected Municipal Council to represent us and pass legislation to control wind farm companies and their use of our lands, and 2) the lack of response from the wind energy companies to our requests for information and to have our questions answered.

We often get either no response or a form letter in reply. This is not listening, understanding and responding, Mr. Hornung.

I am pretty sure many who read this letter do not believe everything Mr. Hournug was saying to downplay the seriousness of industrial wind turbines invading our beautiful rural area.

Our kids and grandkids are counting on us to search out the truth and protect our environment and heritage.

John Robson Belwood

2 thoughts on “CanWEA’s Robert Hornung twisting the facts again

  1. As long as mainstream media reports just the LIES about Wind and other subjects like Global Warming the general public will believe in the lies!

    For some reason the general public has gone totally to sleep on all matters “Green”.

    The awakening is coming faster than Hornung and McGuinty would wish and that will be spurred by the massive increases in energy costs as soon as this weekend!

    Enbridge’s massive billing error is just the beginning, and the 16+% increase in electricity coming at all Ontarians this next month will be more than enough for people to wake up, ask why, and then find out the answers! All fingers will point at McGuinty and eventually Hornung and company for taking us down the Green Toilet!

  2. Toilets, property values, health effects and vistas aside, I believe the technical and economic realities of wind energy’s contribution speak consistently for themselves. Nowhere on this planet has wind energy become a replacement for a fossil or nuclear plant. Never has it been proven wind energy reduce GHG emissions (in case that matters to some of you or those you must try to reason with) from the electric power sector. Never has it survived as a free market competitor on a regional electricity grid. More than 2/3 of its revenues come from sources other than selling electricity at free market rates. Maintenance costs are through the roof, and the devices last 15 to twenty years. Power density of land is so low that wind turbine sprawl impacts well over 2,000 times the land of nuclear power, per unit of dependable capacity. To make matters worse, electricity storage at scale (other than hydro) doubles the price, and new transmission to carry “sometimes” energy from remote wind sites to load centers is a poor use of copper and land.

    So why NIMBY about on personal impacts? This line of complaint applies to a tiny minority of the population, admits a personal bias from the start, and distracts from the real issue: that wind energy wastes EVERYBODY’S money.

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