Fire marshal shuts down public meeting on proposed wind turbines in Pontypool after 140 crowd into hall

Posted By LISA GERVAIS/QMI Agency  Peterborough Examiner

PONTYPOOL — It took just 25 minutes for the fire marshal to shut down a public information open house on two proposed wind parks Thursday night.

When more than 140 people had crowded into the Pontypool Community Centre, the meeting was brought to an abrupt halt — a move that serves opponents of the Settlers Landing Wind Park and Snowy Ridge Wind Park since it means the first open house has technically not taken place and sets proponents’ Energy Farming Ontario Inc. and project managers M.K. Ince Associates Ltd. back in their process.

Asked if it was indeed the best possible outcome, City of Kawartha Lakes Ward 16 Coun. David Marsh replied: “They have to start all over again.”

Others simply could not believe that the proponents chose such a small venue considering the history of a project that has attracted hundreds of people to public meetings in the past.

There was a carnival-like atmosphere outside the venue about 5 p.m. with the lyrics If I Had a Hammer playing loudly, a mobile sign announcing the meeting being pulled behind a vehicle, the words of Winston Churchill emanating from another car stereo, people wearing buttons saying “Rick (Johnson), just say no” and others wearing T-shirts reading “proud Manvers NIMBYs.” There was even a back-hoe filled with signs outside the community centre.

It was obvious that not everyone outside was going to fit inside the building. A line formed and two OPP officers kept an eye on it from just inside the front door.

It didn’t take long for the atmosphere to turn hostile as pockets of residents surrounded Energy Farming Ontario and M.K. Ince and Associates representatives.

Marsh loudly confronted an Ince representative wanting to know why the company had not pin-pointed exactly where the two wind parks would go. As a result, he said the information sessions were not open, fair and transparent.

He said Energy Farming Ontario’s director, Kelly Campbell, had not even attended the meeting “and they wonder why people get upset.”

Manvers Gone with the Wind’s Heather Stauble circled another representative saying they should have gone to the front of the room and answered group questions rather than meeting with people in small groups.

“The people here are not happy about this,” she said.  “We need some answers and we need everybody to hear them.”

11 thoughts on “Fire marshal shuts down public meeting on proposed wind turbines in Pontypool after 140 crowd into hall

  1. Wouldn’t want to be an employee for a Wind Company……becoming as hated as McGuinty!

    Remember the days when Ol’ Mikey Harris couldn’t even leave Queen’s Park without a Police Escort?……………..well, McGuinty doesn’t even want to show his face AT Queen’s Park because the Police are inside his offices ………….our Province has become a complete laughing stock……….do us all a favour McGuinty and stay at your cottage!

  2. There appears to be something really, really good in the water and the air along Hwy’s 115 and 35!!!

    Last night Clarington – tonight Manvers…

    You are great examples to the rest of Ontario!

  3. People are getting fed-up being literally turned into refugees by their own government. Being forced out of their own homes by government subsidized industrialization will eventually result in frustrated “freedom fighters” literally fighting back. History has taught us this time and again.

    What makes the Ontario Liberal regime think their continuing trampling of peoples’ rights can have any different outcome? Keep forcing people to the wall and eventually they’ll fight back. This isn’t a threat .. it’s a warning!

  4. Same old, same old. Scurrilous business practices. Rent tiny venues, talk to small groups of people who ask questions of the wind rep at once without listening to one question being fully answered, at least as fully as the rep will agree to.
    If this business were so lucrative wind energy would be placing full-page ads to garner support.
    We all know why they don’t.
    They are this century’s version of “robber barons” and we all know what they left in their wake once the resource was exploited for every penny and then abandoned.
    PHOOEY on them all. May they not rest in peace.

  5. Our energy costs are going up about 20% this month alone due to rate increases, HST and Smart Meters….We also have a FAKE Green Energy Act as a result of the Ontario Liberals “War Against Affordable Energy”.

    Wind Turbines are only decorative items to show how the Ontario Liberal Government spent over $20 Billion on FAKE Energy..

  6. The Wind Industry along with the Provincial Government estimates that there will be about 10% “collateral damage” with the installation of IWT’s within populated areas.

    10% of the people who will suffer Health Effects and abandoned homes is “acceptable” to these “carpet baggers”.

    This figure of 10% was documented once in literature between various “players” in this “game” but I have not been able to find it as I believe it has been deleted from previously publicised documents.

    It would be very interesting if anyone could ask a Wind Rep or Politician if this statement is “acceptable” as it appears that is exactly what is taking place here!

  7. In PEI they have tons of wind turbines now and next year they are expecting a huge power rate increase to pay for it. Get this; they will be paying 13 cents per Kwh for their power. You heard me. The word is that if PEI people can pay 13 cents then so can the people of Ontario, because Ontario is rich of course. If you folks in Ontario keep putting up wind turbines you will be paying thought the nose too. Be prepared, it’s coming. It’s time to dump McGuinty, this was his idea.

  8. We “used to be rich”……… Ontario is the “poor boy” of Canada thanks to our Political leaders rape of land and money!

  9. T3, It’s unfortunate what’s going on… our county in the US is working on an ordinance and they (powers that be) feel 1320 feet from a home is good. The “company” has said ‘they could live it that’. It amazes me how what the “company” will accept becomes more important than the health of citizens when it comes to wind turbine complexes!
    I hope the people in government all over wake up.

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