Wind developer plans to industrialize Arran Lake

Sandhill Cranes at Arran Lake

It would be difficult to imagine a natural habitat more inappropriate for an industrial wind turbine development than the one that has been selected for the Arran Wind Energy Project.

Within its boundaries is a functioning Natural Heritage System (MNR) comprised of six Life or Earth Sciences ANSIs1, three Provincially Significant Wetlands forming a 1235.6 hectare wetland complex; several migratory bird staging areas and an international migratory flight corridor; two Conservation Authority lands; recreational and tourism facilities; as well as canoeing, kayaking and fishing access points to the Saugeen River. There are also a dozen listed archaeological sites both excavated and unexplored from the Middle Woodland period (300 BC to 500 AD), of critical cultural, spiritual and historic importance to the Saugeen First Nation and to the Historic Métis of the Saugeen.

4 thoughts on “Wind developer plans to industrialize Arran Lake

  1. I had a quick look at the W.Palmer (P.Eng.) report. It is badly flawed. May I suggest that he re-write using the Dick and Jane Readers of yesteryear as a model so that Mr. Minister may read and understand the report?!!! Until he corrects this obvious and major flaw it is useless as a document to bring about the required changes in law which could be driven by Mr. Minister Doogood and the Premier Mr. McGoodguy!

    See spot run from the flying ice. Look! Look! Look! See Spot run.

    See Mr. Sleepless Farmer crying. How very sad!

    See Mr. Minister laughing and playing with his Green Energy Blocks. Look Look Look!!!!

    [/sarcasm off]

    Was my paper a waste of time too? Yeah probably. Preaching to the choir!

  2. This is the Industrial Wind Industry sticking their collective middle fingers in the air to the people of Ontario – as much as to say….

    “Screw you” – we can do anything we want – anywhere!!!

  3. Terrific job on the analysis, Bill. I see it is up to their usual standard

  4. As one of a group of academics, mostly Professors Emeriti, would say – “For those who understand, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not understand, no explanation is possible.”

    Once again, Bill, this is a brilliant analysis and proposed solution.

    I pray that there are people of influence and power who understand and are willing to persevere until the “right action” has been accomplished.

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