Wind-energy proponent plays down unfavourable effects of turbines

Lobbyist Robert Hornung and Environment Minister John Baird

Manitoulin Expositor

 I see that Robert Hornung, president of the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA), is sending letters to the editors of local papers to promote wind-industry business interests.

CanWEA is a registered lobby group that dismisses health, environmental and financial concerns that many from across this province and elsewhere are expressing.

Of course, one would not expect the wind industry to discredit its own product by exposing information that documents unfavourable effects from industrial wind turbines.

The information I see on wind turbines, Mr. Hornung, is not the same information you have put forward in your opinion piece so I will share some of the information you left out.

I see families who have become sick and who have had to leave their homes since the startup of turbines nearby.

I see neighbours having great difficulty selling a home in close proximity to turbines and even in areas where turbine projects are simply proposed.

I see my hydro bill just beginning its increase as I’m forced to cover the exorbitant rate for a small amount of intermittently generated wind power.

There is plenty of information to choose from. My personal choice is to go with the information that comes from people with no financial stake in the issue.

See,, and for some of the information that the wind lobby does not tend to include in their marketing.

Lorrie Gillis

7 thoughts on “Wind-energy proponent plays down unfavourable effects of turbines

  1. Thank you Lorrie so much for caring and taking the time to put the honest facts about wind generation out there that our government insists on lying about and ignoring.

  2. The recent poll done by CanWEA was just a self serving poll. Will the MSM ever wake up!!!

    Saw & read the article published on this CanWEA polling subject in the Windsor Star.

  3. To: Mr. Robert Hornung,

    To day folks is one of those days that the wind is blowing and if you listen closely along with this wind you will also hear a whistle blowing as well.

    Mr. Hornung, I ask, from where you are standing could you please make a half turn to the right, so that the wind isn’t blowing in one ear through to the other. I been told this happens a lot to people who haven’t anything between ther ears?

    The lack of knowledge is to be ignorant, the lack of common sense is to be stupid. The question is, which category Mr. Hornung do you fall under?

    Most of the news paper editors in Ontario do not fall under either of the above categories, they know all to well what’s going on, it’s not about green energy, it’s all about the free taxpayers cash, that is being given away to the wind companies for the installation of their useless wind turbines and as a result thereof, the number people who are sick throughout Ontario.

  4. Mr. Alias – do not forget that cash allocated to massive advertising campaigns in those very same newspapers.

    Our government gives them our money which they use to battle us by buying editorial support from these very same newspapers. That is the way the “NEWS” works, big advertisers get big support – no matter what the agenda.

    I am thankful for independent publications like the Wellington Times in Prince Edward County – where the editor is more interested in the truth than in Big Wind revenues. Too bad about the Toronto Star.

  5. And the latest Toronto Star story cannot see the connection between Wind Power and rising costs… to the point where you have to recognize inference as opposed to a direct discussion–why-your-next-bill-may-be-a-shocker?bn=1

    “Hydro utilities warn of electricity rate shocks. A blackout paralyzes much of Toronto on a summer afternoon. Ontario vows to shut down its coal-burning power plants – which make up 18 per cent of the province’s generating capacity – and replace it with green energy. Years of dramatic change loom for the power system. The Star takes a look at some of the main components.”

    This is what happens when you view the world through Lime Colored glasses!

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