Hudak blasts power plans

By John Miner and Randy Richmond,  London Free Press

With soaring power prices sweeping the province, Ontario opposition leader Tim Hudak says a Tory government would pursue a dramatically different energy strategy.

“We would invest in nuclear power and hydro-electricity, clean and green fuels that aren’t going to chase seniors from their homes or turn the lights out on businesses across our province,” the Progressive Conservative leader said in London Wednesday.

Hudak said Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal government has signed pie-in-the sky energy schemes, such as one with Korea-based industrial giant Samsung to build wind and solar farms across Ontario.  The $7-billion deal with Samsung was signed in January.

The McGuinty government has faced mounting criticism for its energy policies, including a decision to reduce the amount it pays some small solar electricity producers.

Meanwhile, more than 500 people have signed online and paper petitions protesting the 17% spike in household utility bills in London — due largely to the rising cost of power charged to all Ontario utilities combined with the new HST applied to bills since July 1 — and demanding an audit of London Hydro.

“Londoners are fed up,” said organizer Chris Edgar.

The petitions will be sent to both Hudak and McGuinty, she said.

“The more we conserve, the more their revenues go down, the more they will raise the rates. Where does it end?” Edgar said at a protest at the corner of Wellington and King streets Wednesday.

About five people urged passersby to sign the petition, also available online at

“If you just sit back and take it, it is just going to keep growing and growing and growing,” Edgar said of the increases.

Londoners, she said, recognize their local utility isn’t responsible for the bulk of the recent hike.

But local utility officials and city council should demand more accountability and reasonable hikes from Ontario Power Generation which produces and sells electricity in Ontario and from the Ontario Energy Board, which regulates prices, she said.

Local politicians could start by putting pressure on the province to cut the exorbitant salaries of utility executives, Edgar said.

The province’s annual list of public servants paid $100,000 or more extends beyond 200 pages for Ontario Power Generation and Hydro One, she noted.

“It’s ridiculous. Don’t raise our rates 17% and still pay out salaries like that,” Edgar said. “Council should be stepping up and saying the same thing.”

25 thoughts on “Hudak blasts power plans

  1. You are Correct Sir!

    Until Hudak unveils a completely new policy on Green Energy which will remove Harris’s visions of past, until he removes the HST and GEA from Law (which he won’t) his “promises” are as hollow as the propaganda being spouted by the Liberals and CANWEA on Wind!

    Hudak’s favourite “avoidance statement” when asked about plans for the future is “everything is on the table!”.

    What the hell does that actually mean?
    I personally translate that little “ditty” as “everything that WE own and cherish is on the table at Queens Park to be dibbied up by the “lechers” and “bean counters” called “politicians”!!


  2. Your bacon is on his table? And he intends to eat it and sen you the bill.

  3. The euphemistically named the “Zephyr Wind Farm” is using Samsung 2.5 mw turbines – the first installment payment to Samsung from us, courtesy of The McGuinty govt !
    More worrying is the continued pattern of wind companies/govt. to pick winners from the gaggle of landowners. Power and money are best kept in select hands. In this case the turbines will be on one family’s land. We see this pattern over and over in many wind projects – and the news spreads quickly in the community. Wonder where that money is likely to go – property acquisitions!
    – paid for by us and doled out by the govt. Resentment grows. Support the lawsuit.

  4. Esther:

    Is using or MIGHT use Samsung 2.5MW Turbines — someday?

    I was unaware that Samsung manufactured turbines… yet. Maybe someday.

    Can you be clear on this? Is this a project to be built — someday?

  5. Mr. Hudak, would this be a preamble to an election campaign with regards to nuclear power and hydro-electricity?

    If such is the case then what would you be doing with regards to the useless wind turbine farms that are going up throughout Ontario that are going to be making more people sick along with the continued slaughter of Ontario’s wildlife. As you are aware by now, these useless wind turbines are going to cost the Ontario taxpayer millions of dollars in what the McGuinty government has promised to pay for electricity from all these wind farm producers never mind the all the additional freebies that have been promised as well.

    If such is not the case, then do not be making any assurances, if elected you can’t keep. Ontario is looking for a REAL LEADER that will allow them their democratic freedoms and the right to choose for themselves. They want their tax dollars to account for something not something that is useless, like wind turbines?

    The money promised by McGuinty, would I am sure of set the costs nuclear power and hydro-electricity plants that you say your going to invest in. The Ontario taxpayers can’t afford both. Ontario taxpayers want to pay at close to cost for electricity. Keeping electricity prices down will stimulate the economy. Under McGuinty the high cost of electricity is and will be factored into the end product as the high cost for electricity continues to escalate , no matter what the item to be purchased by the consumer.

  6. David:
    Samsung Heavy Industries Co. Ltd.
    (Samsung) apparently manufactures
    2.5MW wind turbines.

  7. Madasabat:

    I am well aware of Samsung and that they might make turbines SOMEDAY. (See my paper Watts With The Wind.)

    Where is the manufacturing plant? It was supposed to be in Ontario.

    I have commented at length on Samsung and the manufacturing… I was unaware that the plant had been built, staffed and the turbines were designed, tested and now in production. And shipping too???!!! Considering that in April/May they had no manufacturing capability for wind turbines and no plant locations and no approvals this would be a remarkable achievement indeed.

    Any verifiable details?

    Where is the plant ans when did it start producing.

    Are you simply repeating news releases or has something happened? (I am aware that many of the news (releases?) stories were somewhat misleading.

    This is not an idle request. If something was missed, I would like to update my paper!

  8. Madasabat:

    For example:

    This looks like a related article…

    So it looks like something is in testing — on the generator side.

    Now maybe they are buying parts from OEM manufacturers to put together a systems.

    But still, where is the Ontario plant? It looks like design work in in other countries.

    This does not look like the deal that Onatrio was promised.

    So much for the fabled McGuinty negotiating skill.

    It looks to me like it is mostly assembly from other manufacturers parts — but that is a guess as there does not seem to be solid information.

  9. Hey David
    Here is a statement from Samsungs home page at:

    “SHI’s power generators are gaining the attention of US and Canadian power business operators that want to increase their market share, as they deliver more than 10% higher power generation efficiency and five years longer lifecycle than comparable US-made products. In November 2009, SHI delivered its 2.5MW-class wind power generator, which was the first wind power generator manufactured in Geoje Shipyard, to Cielo, a US-based firm, marking Korea’s first export of wind power generators. In addition, SHI is already working to develop a wind power generator carrier, a first in the industry, and has reviewed plans such as the development of wind-powered ships and floating-type wind power generation complexes.”

  10. Quixote:

    I am well aware of the power of a “press release”.

    Show me an installation of a production model — anywhere!

    Show me the final approvals for the model.

    Show me a manufacturing plant.

    Show me anything reality based where a Samsung Production model turbine is operating.

    !!!! Not a test bed! !!!!


    Does anybody have anything other than claims for the future?

    Until we see a production model we really don’t know the final specifications!!!!

  11. Like all statements made in the “Mainstream Media” we can basically rule out anything as being “legitimate”!

    “Appearance” is everything today and to believe that is the first casualty of the Truth!

    Sounds like something CANWEA would write!

  12. MA:

    Have you heard of photoshop? 🙂 I saw that brochure or similar a while ago.

    I have to assume that I am correct and that so far that turbine (And ALL Samsung Wind Turbines) are plans.

    Nothing wrong with that — except presenting it as a solid accomplished fact that you can plan for because you know the wind response and the noise levels.

    Calculations are one thing — and an engineers lives and dies by his math skills — BUT the final test is empirical (experimental, collected) data.

  13. Yes, I think you might be right, David. This was probably the brochure shown to McGuinty and Smitherman that convinced them to hand over rural Ontario to Samsung. All bluster, no substance.

  14. This is the best information I have.

    It is in my article and I have posted this link here before.

    Please note that if these turbines exist then I consider this to be a repudiation of the deal with Ontario to design build and manufacture wind turbines in this province.

    In other words Ontario got snookered…

    “Austin, Texas – Cielo Wind Services, Inc. (Cielo) of Austin, Texas, plans to install and operate three (3) each Samsung Heavy Industries, Co., Ltd. (Samsung) 2.5MW wind turbines near Lubbock, Texas. Samsung will assign serial numbers 1, 2 and 3 of Samsung’s 2.5 MW wind turbine. The project is planned to start construction in 2010 with full operations of all three turbines in 2011. The project is planned to be named the Lubbock Wind RanchTM.

    “Lubbock, Texas, is an ideal location to prototype a new wind turbine generator in North America.” says Cielo’s President, Walt Hornaday. Texas Tech University, based in Lubbock, provides the project with close access to world leading wind research and development staff. Wind specialty contractors are concentrated in Texas to support the large operating fleet of wind turbines in place around the Lubbock area. Further, the wind resource will test a prototype well and provide Samsung with good operating history for the entire market in the Great Plains area of the United States.

    Samsung Heavy Industries, Co., Ltd is one of the world’s leading ship builders and heavy industry suppliers. Samsung plans to provide commercial wind turbines to the North American market beginning in 2011.”

    It is critical that we get our facts straight — so has something changed?

  15. Hello. I don’t think the fact that SHI have been contracted to supply three 2.5MW turbines to Cielo in the US is a repudiation of the Ontario deal.
    The Ontario deal with the Korean consortium, which includes Samsung, is a separate and unrelated issue.

  16. Referring back to Esthers posting –
    Zephyr Wind Farm is a 10MW project
    being constructed by Green Breeze
    Energy Inc. and they indicate it
    will by comprised of four turbines.
    If the Samsung turbines are on the
    market in 2011, its possible GBE has
    them in mind as a supplier (project
    tentatively to be completed by end of
    My understanding of McGuinty’s deal
    with Samsung is for the production of
    towers, blades and solar components.
    I don’t believe the manufacture of
    turbines is in the mix.

  17. Madasabat:

    Do you have a reference?

    My understanding is different.

    That means that the news releases are misleading or… what?

  18. The OPA agreement with the Korean Consortium is for them ‘to work with major partners to attract 4 manufacturing facilities to Ontario’. It is probable that the facilities will not be Samsung branded, but will carry the names of the ‘major partners’, such as GE. Remember future IWTs only need 50-60% Domestic Content to comply with the FIT terms.
    As an aside – GE, Samsung and KEPCO are already established “smartgrid” technology partners in S. Korea.

  19. Here is a better reference.

    Samsung recognizes the opportunity

    Meanwhile, Samsung C&T was also moving quickly. Negotiations with the province began in late 2009. In January 2010, Samsung C&T and a Korean consortium announced they would make the largest renewable energy investment of its kind in the world, and they would make it in Ontario.

    The agreement with Ontario commits Samsung and its consortium partners to constructing 2,500 MW of renewable energy generation – 2,000 MW of wind power and 500 MW of solar power.
    It also commits them to establishing four manufacturing plants in Ontario: towers, blades, solar inverters and solar module assembly.

    In return, the province guarantees the consortium will receive FIT rates for 20 years plus additional incentives contingent on the plants meeting operational schedules starting in 2013.

    Clare Barnett, Senior Economic Officer (London), Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Trade
    01 June 2010

    … and you were correct. No turbines — towers blades etc.

    This is an assembly plant operation with the “high tech” elsewhere.

    The more I find out the less I like it.

  20. At best there is a prototype of parts of that turbine…

    The project construction start is May 2011 — your finger slipped. 🙂 (See section 2.4)

    Maybe the Samsung IWT will exist by then — maybe it won’t.

    Do you really think that Samsung will have factories operating here by then? Most likely they will negotiate a buyout of a Ontario Company — or a partner will. Samsung wants the US market — not the Canadian market. That much is clear.

  21. Ha! Who in their right mind would want to build FOUR manufacturing facilities IN ONTARIO??!! They could build in que. And save huge money on overhead! You know electricity prices!!!!! NOW THAT WOULD BE FUNNY!;)

  22. oops, yeah, 2011! Kind of tight deadline to reach to build a plant and have products ready go out by…I think you may be right David. The whole wind industry operates on ‘buyouts’ and sleazy ‘partnerships’. Samsung will just blend in perfectly with their peers.

  23. The first of the three Samsung 2.5MW IWTs at Lubbock did indeed enter service in February 2010. I understand the other two will be installed in February 2011, as per the agreed project schedule.

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