Why your next electricity bill may be a shocker

Toronto Star

Making electricity takes energy
Electricity has to be created from other forms of energy. None comes cheap and easy. Read more.

Ontario’s cheap power advantage is gone, says industry
Adam White, who represents major power users, says high electricity prices have eliminated Ontario’s industrial advantage. Read more.

Ontario Hydro’s legacy of debt
Ontario residents can look forward to paying off the debts of the old Ontario Hydro for many years to come. Read more.

New power lines will cost $4 billion
The Ontario Power Authority has estimated Ontario will have to spend $4 billion on new high-voltage transmission lines by 2025. Read more.

Old nukes and dirty coal plants squeeze Ontario power
Aging nuclear plants and a decision to close coal-burning stations will squeeze power supplies in Ontario. Read more.

Power planners downplay new supply line for Toronto
A third major power line for Toronto was once considered essential, but power planners now downplay the need. Read more.

9 thoughts on “Why your next electricity bill may be a shocker

  1. No mention that industrial wind will resolve none of the issues, but will make the system even more expensive.

  2. In regards to “Making electricity takes energy”, the water for making electricity at Niagra Falls is also free but you still have to pay your electric bill.

    Air is free fuel is a false argument. You are not paying for the water or the air but for the infrastructures needed to produce and deliver the electricity.

  3. The best part of wind turbine costs has yet to be menttioned. Maintenance. These turbines need maintenance. They don’t just spin forever, they need new bearings, new parts, they need to be painted regularly because they start to rust and the environmentalists who are responsible for putting them up need to feel good about how they look. All of these costs will add to your burden.

    Oh and don’t forget; the climate change scare is over. So why are you putting up with all of this?

  4. “Oh and don’t forget; the climate change scare is over. So why are you putting up with all of this?”

    Now THAT is a darn good question 😉

  5. Don’t you guys listen to CBC?

    The arctic ice is just about gone. Nothing but ice cubes left. The NWP is wide open. There are palm trees at the north pole! Be afraid. Be very afraid… David Suzuki is crying in his green tea for the threatened Polar Bears.

  6. I’ve always wanted to ask a wind company if they were the least bit concerned about bad weather, as depicted in Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth, wreaking havoc on their precious farms 😉

  7. Also — an interesting discussion of the IPCC review on “Watts up with That”.


    Just a few teeny admissions that the IPCC might have made a few errors with its alarmism. But do NOT expect the climate scare-mongering juggernaut to grind to a halt till we have all been through the requisite “attitude adjustment”.

    Think green, be green, and like some of us — barf green!

    So yeah — what is the excuse NOW for all this silliness with expensive “Green Power”?????

  8. Well, the excuse used to be Global Warming. For some reason, that dogma morphed into “Climate Change”. I never could wrap my head around that one. How convenient though. The climate has always been changing.

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