Millbrook meeting postponed in township because of anticipated larger crowd

A recent meeting in Pontypool was shut down due to fire regulations

By Kennedy Gordon    Peterborough Examiner

A public meeting planned for Aug. 24, to present plans for a wind farm in Cavan-Monaghan Township, has been postponed and moved to a larger venue.

Originally set for the Millbrook Legion hall, the meeting is now to take place at the Millbrook arena on Sept. 30.

“We’re anticipating a larger than originally anticipated turnout,” said Kelly Campbell, director of Energy Farming Ontario, the company planning the development.

As outlined last year, the project, known as Whispering Woods Wind Farm, would likely consist of five wind turbines on a plot of land in Cavan and likely won’t be operating until late 2011 or early 2012.

Energy Farming Ontario, which has several other projects in various stages of development, has already signed leases for the land, Campbell said.

Campbell said the project is expected to go to the Ministry of the Environment for approval in December after another public meeting in November.

“That would take about six months,” she said.

The Whispering Woods plan calls for a 10 megawatt facility to be built on privately owned lands east of Millbrook and west of South Monaghan, with up to five REpower MM92 turbines generating two megawatts each. The site is south of Hwy. 21 and north of Zion 4th Line, with Hutchinson Dr. running roughly through its centre.

3 thoughts on “Millbrook meeting postponed in township because of anticipated larger crowd

  1. My home is up for sale on the corner of the Zion 4th Line and Hutchinson Drive and it is almost impossible to sell it now because of this.

  2. Industrial Wind Turbines are supposed to make land prices and houses around red hot, that is what the industry states.
    Why are the privately owned land owners never named?

  3. One has to wonder… if industrial wind turbines are considered to be such an asset… why then do they have to be listed on real estate disclosure forms?

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