Tim Hudak Commits that a PC Government Will Return Local Decision Making Authority to Ontario Municipalities

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In his 2010 Leader’s address to the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO), Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak committed that an Ontario PC Government will bring more transparency and consistency to the partnership between the province and municipalities.  He also confirmed that he will and restore the local decision-making powers that were stripped away from Ontario municipalities through Dalton McGuinty’s so-called “Green Energy Act.”
Currently, the Green Energy Act allows unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats at the Ontario Power Authority to arbitrarily override democratically elected municipal governments and built massive energy projects without any local consultation or consent.  This abuse of local democracy is most clearly seen through the proliferation of industrial wind farms throughout the province.

Hudak also used his remarks to commit that a PC Government will repeal Dalton McGuinty’s job-killing Far North Act, should the McGuinty Government ram the bill through as currently written.  Hudak also repeated his commitment to scrap Dalton McGuinty’s unelected, scandal-plagued LHIN bureaucracies and reinvest this money in frontline patient care.
“Any government I lead will empower local decision making.  Your voters put their faith in you to make best decisions for your local communities.  So should your Premier.  That’s why we are going to restore the decision-making powers the Green Energy Act took away.   
– Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak
“You should be able to count on a partner that keeps its word.  The era of promises that are politically expedient, financially unaffordable, easily made and more easily broken – must end. 
– Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak
Dalton McGuinty had made ignoring the wishes of democratically elected governments a cornerstone of his energy policy:
“Municipalities will no longer be able to reject wind turbines, solar panels, or bio-fuel plants because they don’t like them.  We can’t allow interests to oppose these simply because they don’t like them.”  ( Dalton McGuinty Speech, London Chamber of Commerce, February 2009)

12 thoughts on “Tim Hudak Commits that a PC Government Will Return Local Decision Making Authority to Ontario Municipalities

  1. I have never voted Conservative. If Mr. Hudak goes so far as to support a moratorium, and if the NDP does not, I will strongly consider voting Conservative. The alternative is to not vote.

  2. Hudak and Conservatives will have my vote if they make this commitment, and the commitment to repeal the GEA.

    I need to see an official statement from the Conservative party though.

    No half measures.

  3. I would like to see those commitments in writing.

    I would also like to see a commitment to repeal the GEA.

  4. I think it is time for municipalities to institute a fee for public meetings that are specifically about Alternative energy. A fee of say $50,000 per meeting sounds about right.

    Further, a security clearance for all alternative energy presenters should be mandatory along with a criminal background check to be carried out by the local police force — not by the OPP. The criminal background checks and security checks should be presented to council well in advance of any public meeting.

    Also, are the local governments doing due diligence on the wind companies that wish to construct wind turbines and solar farms? I would think that financial statements and an up-front investigation fee should just be part of the process. The energy companies are asking for the local community to make a financial investment in them. Where is your due diligence? Why are you not asking these companies to provide a locally incorporated company with a public office where all matters can be directed whether it be lawsuits or local payments collected. This is quite a common device used by stet governments in the United States so that is easier to contact, negotiate with or sue multinational firms.

    As far as actually proving service to the alternative energy industry it seems to me that a fee for engineering and design services as well as alterations to local emergency services should start with an up-front fee of $250,000 for initial planning and service coordination. Road permits, fire control permits and “Green Fees” for assessment of municipal environmental impact should also be considered as lucrative sources of income. Further companies should be required to post bonds or provide proof of insurance (provided by a Canadian Carrier) against lawsuits, property devaluation, medical problems and law suits and so on.

    Let your imagination run wild local councils! Review your building permit fees.Review your road usage fees. Review all your fee structures and liability issues.

    Review your security fees for public meetings. Ensure that only the local police force is empowered to provide security for local meetings – after all they know the locals best.

    Upgrade your infrastructure by redirecting the wind company profits to your local till.

    It’s just a way of redirecting provincially collected taxpayer fees to local coffers – it is fair game. That money is taxpayer money being paid to wind companies that are financed by large international banks, merchant banks, investment houses and insurance companies. Feel no guilt about attaching profits from these institutions – they are in business for one reason only – to make a profit. You should have no compunctions about reducing that profit and “taxing” windfall profits.

    The opportunity to redirect provincially collected funds to the local councils is virtually unlimited. The only limit is your imagination.

    Set rates for Solar and Wind environmental fees depending on habitat destruction! Ensure that all of these fees are collected in advance. Use the money to expand your parks and nature reserves.

    WAKE UP!

    It’s time to quit rolling over and to use your imagination.

    Pass this information to your local councils. Even if they are pro-wind and pro-solar surely they can see the opportunity for revenue enhancement!

    Do you have any suggestions for additional items? Please post them on Wind Concerns. I will be happy to update this document with fresh ideas!

  5. David, this is just brilliant. Can you forward to municipal councils?

  6. Mr. Hudak
    What are you doing to help the citizens of West Lincoln and Glanbrook….a wind farm is in the process of going ahead…no one has any information about exactly where, when or how many huge turbines…all we know is that it is going to be in a field bordered by Westbrook Road (the town line).

  7. Hi Deb,

    I’m part of the West Lincoln Wind Action Group (WLWAG). We’ve got our website up and running. You can find info on this phase of the project on the home page, including a map of the study area.


    Vineland Power has confirmed “that there is enough interest for another phase, but they are not yet committed”.

    I hope to add the drawing of optioned properties by the end of the week. I can tell you that the M’s and B’s at the end of Sixteen Road, and the VW’s on Conc 5 have all optioned. 🙁

  8. Rather than trying to get the Tories to put anything binding in writing why don’t we just write-in David Robinson for Premier…as long he defines “green” as that which is small-scale, local and actually good for our environment.

  9. Re:VOLT

    “Rather than trying to get the Tories to put anything binding in writing why don’t we just write-in David Robinson for Premier…as long he defines “green” as that which is small-scale, local and actually good for our environment.”

    Because — he is not qualified and knows it…

    “GREEN” is not necessarily small scale or local. Further — it depends on what damage you will accept. Weeds are plants where you don’t want them. Garbage is physical goods in a place that bothers you. Beyond that I have trouble with the concepts of green, good and bad.

    If we are going to have the “greenest” power it will likely be ;large scale generation and long distance transmission lines. However we currently have a populace that wants small scale, green, no visible transmission lines and no growth. Somewhere some sacrifices have to be made. Somehow we must determine what to do that gives the most benefit with the least damage. The run is that if you collect three people in one room to make these decisions you will easily get eight opinions.

    Perhaps it would be best if you tackled this minor difficulty. I will support you with sage advice.

  10. Mr Hudak should be far more vocal in the media. Few have heard of him. Mr McGuinty is an embrassment to the people of this province. He has done nothing but raise and create new taxes ie surtax on income tax, health tax, smart meters and the list goes on and on. Hopefully we can rid ourselve of him and his lliberal party in the next election. This reduction in hydro rates is a another farce. For all we know the debt retirement charge could be paid off and McGuinty is telling us he can reduce rates.We need a Rob Ford to run Ontario and I hope Hudak can run on the same platform.

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