Duguid Meets With Ratepayer’s Groups On Wind Turbines

TORONTO – Members of four community associations directly affected by Toronto Hydro’s plans to place large wind turbines in Lake Ontario, met with the Hon. Brad Duguid, Minister of Energy yesterday. “It was a positive meeting. The Minister listened carefully to our message that there is strong local citizen opposition to Toronto Hydro’s proposal”, said Harry Spindel of the GVCA. “Our members care about the negative economic and environmental effects of the industrialization of Lake Ontario, and we intend to stop this ill conceived project in its tracks. We want this government and the energy companies to replace the focus on wind turbines with alternate forms of green energy production that are less costly for taxpayers and do not harm people or the environment”.

The groups also advised the Minister of their concerns about the perceived undue influence of the wind energy industry on government policy, and asked that the convoluted and drawn out public consultation process involving 4 different ministries be replaced by a lead Ministry, and one discussion paper to which the public can respond.

“You would need to be a policy analyst with years of experience to navigate your way through this consultation process. It’s just not an appropriate way to proceed”, said Tom Jones, President of the West Rouge Community Association. “We look forward to a positive response to all of our concerns soon from the Minister”.

/For further information: Harry Spindel, Vice-President
Guildwood Village Community Association (GVCA)
(416) 873-5757 (Cell) (416) 261-0264 (H)

3 thoughts on “Duguid Meets With Ratepayer’s Groups On Wind Turbines

  1. Here’s what was going on inside Duguid’s head while the community groups were voicing their concerns:

    “Blah blah blah..La La La la ….Diddly diddly diddy dooo…………where’s that peanut butter sandwich mommy made for me?………Geez won’t this ever end?……….my socks are too tight……………..blah blah blah!!!!!!!!!!!”

  2. What was going on in his head?

    A constant mantra: “Suck up — all the votes are in Toronto. Smile — do what they ask! Ommmm!”

  3. Read the Cloak of Green, this is a scam, as is the wildlife association, it is a way for big business to scam the public for millions and millions of dollars.

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