Green Party of Canada Seeks Epidemiological Study on Wind Turbines and Health

By an online vote of 66.3% Green Party members passed the following resolution, supported by deputy leader Adriene Carr.  ~Source

WHEREAS the Green Party of Canada recognizes the vast potential for wind energy in Canada;

WHEREAS the Green Party of Canada with the Canadian Wind Energy Association has set goals for Canadian wind energy generation;

WHEREAS many citizens in communities with wind turbines claim to be experiencing sleep deprivation, headaches, and heart complications related to wind turbines;

WHEREAS one of the largest obstacles preventing accelerated wind energy development is resistance from citizens near planned turbine sites;

WHEREAS the largest investment Canadians make, their home, is affected as much by real health risks as perceived ones;

WHEREAS many provincial governments have compromised their objectivity with respect to wind energy development;

WHEREAS the Green Party of Canada considers healthy people and healthy communities as necessary for a strong Canada;

Motion Operative:       THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Green Party of Canada seeks to have Health Canada initiate an epidemiological study on the human health effects of wind turbines in the interests of public health and safety.

5 thoughts on “Green Party of Canada Seeks Epidemiological Study on Wind Turbines and Health

  1. They conveniently didn’t say, “… institute a moratorium on wind turbine construction…” – Why??? – could it be their association with CANWEA?

  2. This is “rich”!……..The Green Party literally threw our local Green Party Rep “under the bus” several years ago when he even “questioned” the validity of IWT’s.

    Elizabeth May shouldn’t even have air time on TV or radio to spout her “nonsense”!

    “Better watch out Green Party or CANWEA will get mad at you!”

  3. I think that the Liberals are more trustworthy — I would vote Liberal before Green.

  4. U R kidding Dave……..right……..the Liberals are “more trustworthy” than the Greens?

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