Affidavit to the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin

by Haas, Allen
[docket # 1-AC-231, testimony filed Aug. 24, 2010 to the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin]

I have three wind turbines on my property and get $4,000 for each one.

It’s been 2 years now with the turbines and everyone in the community is irritable and short, they snap back. The best of friends for 35 years, but everyone just snaps.  People are not really mad directly at the wind turbines or even know what they are mad about, they’re just mad, aggressive.

The closest one to my house is 3,000 feet away — way too close.

You don’t get sleep at night because they roar like at an airport. I get shadow flicker in my house, but down in the village of Johnsburg where those are about another 1,500 feet away from the turbines — oh probably 4,500 feet total those blades are throwing shadows right over all the house roof tops in entire village … that’s really bad.

All of our tv’s got knocked out too. I can only get local channels when the turbine is turned in a certain direction. 97% of the time, we got no reception. There is no mitigation either.

I go to the doctor and now I’m on a lot of different medications. I’ve been to the hospital a couple of times in the past two years with chest pains. And they just can’t figure out what it is, but now we’re all being diagnosed with wind turbine syndrome.

And I sure got it. It definitely causes depression. Memory loss is the worse issue. I see it so bad in myself and especially my parents who are older. But they are at the point where they just don’t care anymore because there’s nothing they can do anyhow.

My dad is a totally different person since these things went up. He stays in bed all day now. Even if he does get up to eat, he just goes back to bed. There is no will anymore. I ask the doctor — how are they doing this to us? He just says he doesn’t know.

We Energies called today and they are going to be spraying for weeds, so I asked if there were any more plans for windmills? They said, they don’t know. I told em … “This area is completely destroyed, it would make more sense to just put a few up around here as opposed to destroying the rest of the state.”

I got turbines and the money doesn’t pay off in the end. I’ve gotta spend more on cutting around those things and all them cables. It has destroyed my farmland.

I feel really bad for the folks who don’t have contracts cause they’re still all stuck. Even if a realtor wants to sell a place, the first question a buyer asks is if there are windmills in the area. They just hang up.

They should be paying everyone around who is affected, that way – everyone who wants to move could get out and move. So many want to move and leave, but they can’t sell their property. The developers deny devaluation, but it’s real … the ones without contracts lost half the value of their property and can’t move because they have no money, still trying to pay off their homes. At least if you got contracts and enough windmills, you can move out.

It turned out to be a real shocker. This whole thing is not right, it should not be done in small communities, but you know, these are just simple country folk who do just don’t say anything. Even if it’s bad, they just go along with it cause what else are they supposed to do?

If I could write out a check from all the money they gave me and give it back, wake up tomorrow morning and all the turbines be gone, that’d be the best thing that ever happened to me.

I affirm that these comments are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Allen Haas
Malone, Wisconsin

[We Energies “Blue Sky/Green Field” wind project]

8 thoughts on “Affidavit to the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin

  1. Mr. Haas is a brave man.
    Destroying lives for money is not acceptable. Hang in there Allen, there are people around the globe trying to stop and reverse these terrible wind installations.
    You were sold a bill of goods when you signed up and I am sorry that they did this to you and your community. Keep educating and keep fighting. You are not alone.

  2. I wonder if McGuinty would ever care about any of “his” citizens who are going through this living hell?………….quick answer…………..NO!

  3. Thank you for speaking out about your experience. I cannot imagine how difficult it must have been for you to relate this. I believe that statements like yours will help all of us realize what a bad, smarmy disgrace these windfarms are on the part of energy companies and governments so that we can fix this problem.

  4. I need to read letters like this to remind me of how these turbines hurt people.

    terrible terrible terrible..

  5. People affected by wind turbines in anyway should record the effects and any complaints they may make. Keep copies of all correspondence to any government agencies.

    Just write brief notes. Any kind of paper will do. Be sure to date and sign every note that is written. Include dates,times and contacts made.

    This will provide written historical records that can be used if needed in the future. Perhaps even used as evidence.

  6. Dear Mr. Haas;
    I believe that your letter is the first I have read about the effects of these turbines on someone who actually has them on his property. WPD company is planning to put 4 turbines right behind our fourth generation dairy farm, and I’am scared to death. All I can say is THANKYOU so much for being so brave to say it like it is. May your courage be the meantime I pray for restoration to come to you and your family.

  7. I will do every thing I can to support getting rid of these wind turbines which do nothing for our properity values, landscape or lakes. The green energy act brought in by Mcguinty and the wind turbine companies was a vicious, malicious way of spending hard earning tax payers money to support oil company credits. If this government doesn`t wisen up they will have a wide spread revolt. Quit making people sick.

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