An open letter to the Hon. Brad Duguid, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure:

A frustrated taxpayer wants the bill clarified

By Peter R. Scott, Picton

I respectfully write to you today both as a frustrated energy consumer and taxpaying Ontarian. Please allow me to share with you the reason for my frustration. The Ontario Energy Debt Retirement charge that appears on my monthly Hydro One invoice.

First, I was under the impression the Liberal party of Ontario was a party of the people – hard working Ontarians. I must say, I am certainly not left with that feeling when I review my monthly energy invoice – more specifically the DRC portion of it. Second, when I try to decipher the invoice, I am unable to determine the total DRC debt Ontarians owe and the date the debt will be satisfied.

This is unacceptable.

I think you would agree with me that not one single Ontarian should ever be responsible for paying down a debt without knowing the total and knowing when that very debt will expire. As a matter of fact, I believe there is current legislation in Ontario that would prevent private business from doing this very thing. Mr. Duguid, unfortunately this is exactly what’s happening in Ontario right now. I ask you, would credit card companies operating in Ontario be permitted to conduct business in the manner described?

I contacted the Ministry of Revenue Aug. 13 regarding my concerns over the DRC. I was informed that the most recent calculation available to the public is from Match 2009. The total debts and liabilities at that time eqaled $30.5 billion. Mr. Duguid, even I’m smart enough to figure out why your government does not want the total DRC amount to be included in monthly energy bills – it makes for bad government public relations. non-governing parties in Ontario should be demanding this of your party. All this leaves me feeling like hard working Ontarians are being hoodwinked on this issue. This is simply not fair. It would seem that your government is covering the real cost of energy production – past and present – in Ontario through the DRC.

Having said that Mr. Duguid, can you promise me and other hard working Ontarians that you will make every effort to address my concerns herein and work with your government colleagues in the legislature to ensure that energy users in Ontario who are expected to ante up see the following information on their monthly energy invoices: the balance of the DRC debt – month over month and a clear end date?

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that a provincial election is on the horizon and I fully expect that all members of the Ontario Legislature, including incumbent Liberals, will be heavily questioned on all issues to do with energy supply, cost and security. I, for one, can promise you that I will be present on the campaign trail asking for clarification on the issues mentioned above. I also plan to mention the DRC at every opportunity.

In closing, please remember that Ontarians look to our government for various types of protection; health, legal and consumer – to name a few. Unfortunately, at this time, I feel Ontario consumers and hard working families are not being protected and properly informed on this issue.

I kindly await your reply,

Editor’s note: And not one bonus within Hydro One should be paid – from the CEO down – until this debt is cleared. If they can run a company into this kind of debt, there should be no bonuses until they get us out and keep us out.

8 thoughts on “An open letter to the Hon. Brad Duguid, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure:

  1. Your excessive bill for Hydro is part of the Ontario Liberal Government’s “War Against Affordable Energy”.

    They just forgot to mention that this policy was going to be introduced after the last provincial election…

    Just an oversight I guess….

    Mr Scott forgot to ask where the Ontario Liberals are planning to include the recovery of costs being spent on the FAKE Green Energy Act…

    How much is $20 Billion or so going to add to my monthly bill ?

    How many decades are involved in recovering costs for this massive expenditure and the related interest costs ?

    Maybe they should just add a line to all of our invoices entitled ….”Ontario Liberal BOONDOGGLE costs”….

  2. FYI
    My bill (including taxes) averages 20 cents per KWH !!!


  3. Here’s a question for those “in the know” so to speak.

    If I stopped using Hydro One right now and kept my meter hooked up and never used on more drop of electricity for a month what would charged on my monthly bill?

    From what I can understand from reading my latest Bill that I would still have to pay well over $100 dollars a month for delivery charges, debt reduction, stray voltage and then HST on top of that along with probably hidden items I haven’t mentioned.

    As my Grand Pappy used to say: “if they could bottle the air we would have to pay for that too!”

  4. Quixote:
    Currently, for a Hydro One “normal” customer your charges for No-use would be in the region of $25-$30 per month, plus HST.
    You do not have to pay for the variable delivery charges, debt reduction, or stray voltage if you don’t use any electricity. If you were to have Hydro One remove your service (meter, wires etc.) you would pay zero per month.

  5. Now here’s the kicker…….if I used on single watt of electricity I bet my bill would go from 25 bucks a month to well over 100?…………..

  6. Mr Duguid this is in regard to gas prices , can you tell me why we are still paying over a dollar for gas , Last year when oil prices were around a dollar gas was below a dollar. We are being ripped off big time . A lot of us can not afford these prices all of my family live in Toronto area for me to drive from Cambridge it is about 25.00 dollars.Thankyou

  7. Read on a UK website today that petrol and diesel fuel at the pumps there is well over 6 pounds per Imperial gallon. An Imperial quart is 40 ounces and a U.S. quart is 32 ounces or ~950 ml. Costs ~ $100 to fill my minivan tank. The higer the gas prices are the more taxes you pay. Great revenue source for governments and politicians love this! Buy your gas in the states if you can

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