That pain you feel is another green promise no one costed

[The similarities to Ontario are striking]  by Andrew Bolt  Herald Sun, Australia

Noticed your power bills going up already? Wait until these uncosted government green schemes really kick in:

THE chief executive of one of the country’s biggest energy retailers has warned that power prices are set to increase dramatically. Origin Energy boss Grant King said that complying with the mandatory renewable energy target (RET) and network spending would put upward pressure on energy prices.

“That’s not of our making, or anybody other than policymakers,” Mr King told The Australian…

His comments follow both federal Resources and Energy Minister Martin Ferguson and his opposition counterpart Ian Macfarlane warning in separate interviews with this newspaper that power prices were likely to double in the next five to seven years…

Wind farms would cost between $100 and $125 per megawatt hour, compared with $30 to $40 per MWh for coal. Moreover, the intermittent nature of wind means that it would need to be backed up with big-ticket investment in gas turbine power plants.

Mr King said he suspected that policymakers “didn’t truly know the cost” of policies that had been introduced.

No kidding. And the difference all this makes to the climate is…?

5 thoughts on “That pain you feel is another green promise no one costed

  1. What’s the problem ?….This is just part of the Ontario Liberals Policy…that they forgot to formally announce……

    ——-> The (Ontario Liberal) War Against Affordable Energy…..

  2. Computer and electronic equipment has had a recycling fee for some time now.

    Computer equipment does not contain just Silicon but a wide variety of metals including lead/tin (solder), silver, gold, selenium, germanium lithium, lead-acid batteries etc. I could go on — but you get the idea. This does not even cover the plastics. Some of the metals (metals) are deadly poisons — though in trace quantities. (I do not recommend breaking open IC chips as some contain larger quantities of dangerous elements.

    Recycling is a good idea — but I wonder how much is still dumped in landfill.

    Still, practice here could lead to better efforts to recycle the turbines. Just don’t recycle the politicians.

  3. Our Dearest Leader surely DID KNOW the cost of his Scam!…………he just didn’t give a damn!

  4. T3:

    What we should all be working towards is wiping the Liberal party from the face of the electoral map.

    That might brighten your day a bit!

    We feel like you do some days.

    However, we believe that the Liberals should be the one to make the sacrifice — or be thrown under the electoral bus!

  5. The fiberals were not elected to save the planet. This band is worse than the communists who were always promoting 5 year plans ( none ever worked) while they slaughtered those who opposed. The arrogance of this band is appalling. They write laws to loot the taxpayer , wtf is going on here. The electoral bus David? I prefer strapping them all to the blades of a wind turbine. They have done nothing but lie and loot. There’s better men serving life.

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