‘Power Hungry’ author exposes ‘myths’ of green power

3 thoughts on “‘Power Hungry’ author exposes ‘myths’ of green power

  1. IF Mainstream Media in Canada had the spine and honesty to report on the Wind Industry as Fox News did then this whole Green Scam would be “dead in the water” within a week!

    The worst thing McGuinty could hear and see would be an honest reporter really doing the job he/she was hired for.

    Until that day expect more of the same!

  2. Interesting response on this topic by John Boone to a post by Michael Goggin of AWEA:

    Jon Boone { 08.30.10 at 4:08 pm } “The American Wind Energy Association’s evidentiary case for the ability of its limited liability companies to abate meaningful levels of greenhouse gasses in the production of electricity cannot withstand even casual scrutiny. The USEIA state by state fuel use and carbon emissions data do NOT show that wind is in any way responsible for achieving reductions in either fossil fuel consumption or carbon emissions. Quite the contrary.

    Paid lobbyists for an industry rooted in Enron marketing schemes, supported by the likes of Kenneth Lay, George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, Arnold Swarchenegger, and nurtured as a tax shelter by corporations swaddled in coal production, such as Florida Power & Light, General Electric, AES, and Siemens, have no business accusing responsible energy journalists like Robert Bryce as being a shill for or beholden to the fossil fuel industry. Character assassination, half truths, and outright lies–the stock and trade of AWEA’s public relations propaganda campaign, as evidenced by AWEA’s response to Bryce’s article–should no longer be allowed to coarsen public discourse about an antediluvian technology that was euthanized 200 years ago by the advent of the steam engine.”


  3. From Sweden 24 Aug.2010 & translated into English:

    “Wind Power,A Dubious Business” article on wind power in Sweden with a quotation from the article:

    “The Planned massive expansion of wind power is at the expense of both the environment and the economy”

    Read the entire article at http://www.windaction.org.

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