Wind Production in Ontario

by Richard Wakefield

The Liberal Government, through it’s Green Energy Act, wants more wind turbines in Ontario, and ramming through as many as it can as fast as it can. When a wind farm is proposed, the wind operator will claim that so many megawatts of capacity are going to be installed.

That number they give is the name plate capacity of all the turbines combined. That is, a 1.5mW turbine has a capacity of 1.5 megaWatts. That’s the name plate. But it is a lie to claim that is what the turbines will produce. It gets you thinking that that number, the “capacity” is what they will deliver. They don’t want you to know what the real output is.  Read the entire article here.

8 thoughts on “Wind Production in Ontario

  1. So McGuinty and CANWEA and all the “Wind Scammers” expect us to believe one single word they say, specially in the continuous “Press Releases” all made through our so-called mainstream media, as if surrounding their claims with a mass of “reporters, cameras and media logos” all over the TV screens will “legitimize” their lies!

    Not only is the Wind and Solar claims absolute “hogwash” but the whole Green Energy Agenda is virtually the biggest “con game” ever perpetrated on the Public sector!

    Take the Smart Meters! They are “Smart” alright! They actually take more money out of your pocket for using less electricity than the old meters did and when anyone questions the fact that their Hydro Bills have become virtually beyond the ability to pay, they either get no answer or a blanket statement from Hydro One that “your meter is working correctly”.

    We are witnessing the downfall of a complete Government body only able to make daily announcements that become more bizarre by the moment. It’s called “Crisis Management” and the sad part of this story is that by the time this Provincial Government has totally “imploded” there will be so much permanent damage done to the honest home owner of this Province that it will take generations of family members to repair, if able to at all!

  2. No Sam – although there are some new turbines in the reporting, the pattern is typical.
    June July and August are always low production periods for IWTs

  3. There are new wind turbines and they are accounted for on the web site.

    Note that the capability number is bouncing around today so they have a reporting problem — again…

    I thought the new total was 1247 — but maybe I don’t recall correctly. It was 1095MW — sometimes reported as 1093 or 1085 in one document.

    Perhaps they have a discipline issue.

  4. I think issue is they start outputting power before being fully commissioned, and there have been suggestions at the IESO they should only get the market rate until such time as they are commissioned.

  5. zen2then, the sygration site doesn’t include IWT that are connected directly to the hydro one grid. Hydro One refused to give me that information citing privacy issues. AIM-IPC has almost 70MW that are connected this way, that I know about.

  6. The Ontario Liberals are Eco-Terrorists ….How many thousands of birds died today as a result of the FAKE Green Enbergy Act and the Wind Turbines ???

  7. More bad news for the wind industry. I blame the new math.

    More bad news comes from the independent business intelligence service Wind Energy Update. The WEU’s Wind Energy Operations & Maintenance Report found that current operation and maintenance (O&M) costs are two or three times higher than first projected and that there has been a 21% decrease in return on investments from wind farms. O&M costs were found to be especially high in the United States. The report states that while close to 80% of the world’s wind turbines are still under warranty, “this is about to change.” Ongoing wind turbine development is focusing on gearbox reliability: “Many gearboxes, designed for a 20-year life, are failing after six to eight years of operation.”

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