McGuinty confronted by wind-power opponents

Toronto Star

LINDSAY, ONT.—A group of angry residents who oppose wind turbines confronted Premier Dalton McGuinty at an unrelated event in Lindsay today.

McGuinty came in a back entrance of the Lindsay recreation centre after about 10 sign-waving protesters parked themselves outside the front entrance.

As he walked in, McGuinty was confronted by upset residents who demanded that he stop the proposed installation of about 30 wind turbines.

McGuinty spoke briefly with the protesters and said he was glad they “interrupted his regulated day” to help him understand just how passionate they are about the issue.

The premier said he could hear the passion in the protesters’ voices and see it in their faces.

Wind farms are part of the Liberal government’s green energy strategy and McGuinty has repeatedly refused to backtrack on that plan in the face of opposition.

3 thoughts on “McGuinty confronted by wind-power opponents

  1. Hearing voices Norman ? Better check with Mom back at the Bates hotel….

  2. Hummm yes what is changing. Nothing but a few conflicts of interest here and there…

    If you want to know how all of this works — just dig out the links for the rest of the clips for this episode.

    Yes Prime Minister – S02E04 – A Conflict of Interest – Part 1

    Tell me if you can recognize the cast of players from the McGuinty Government.


  3. If McGuinty thinks Wind Victims are nasty wait until the general population calls for his scalp!

    They are just starting to “wake up” from their slumber and realize “Ontario is screwed!”

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