Great Lakes setback proposal short-sighted

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ERCA’s eight-kilometre setback for proposed offshore wind turbines in Lake St. Clair and the Great Lakes, as opposed to the provincial government’s position of a five-kilometre setback, is short-sighted.

ERCA should be leading opposition against the province’s plan to allow installation of any wind turbines in Lake St. Clair and/or the Great Lakes.

It is inconceivable that, in the second largest province of the second largest country in the world, we are unable to find sufficient wind pathways on land, especially in flat Essex County, to obviate the need to even flirt with degradation of the world’s largest source of fresh water.

The potential impacts to the shipping, recreational and fishing industries and risks to fresh water quality, fish habitat and the ecosystem generally must outweigh the marginal value of this “green” energy.

Alas, the public cannot even weigh these factors because to date these entrepreneurs masquerading as environmental advocates have repeatedly refused to provide basic balance sheet information about any single turbine, much less about the numerous “farms” they propose.

That makes it impossible for concerned citizens to determine whether or not, individually or collectively, wind turbines make enough economic sense to justify the significant BTU deficit with which each turbine is born (the coal-fired fuel costs of manufacturing and forging the steel and concrete for, and the transportation and installation energy consumption “footprint” of each turbine requires that its first 10 years of productive life be spent repaying its energy debt before it can even begin to generate “green” energy).

In addition, none of the industry’s optimistic projections include the almost incalculable financial and energy costs of mothballing these white elephants when they become obsolete.

In a word, the proposition of installing a single wind turbine in any of Ontario’s fresh water lakes, is simply asinine.

STEVEN BEZAIRE, candidate for council, Ward 4, Lakeshore

7 thoughts on “Great Lakes setback proposal short-sighted

  1. Mr. Bezaire is the classic greenwashed citizen restling with his need for an unspoiled viewscape by distinguishing it as a need to protect the environment especially when he notes that there are vast tracks of land that turbines can “find their pathway”. Does he not realize that migratory paths start on land and that drainage pathways leading to our drinking water can be just as easily contaminated by a collapsed turbine containining over 400 gallons of oil located on land? When I asked Bruce Crozier MPP if he would offer support to those of us facing land based turbines when he clearly saw the need to support those living along the lakefront, I received a very emphatic NO. When I asked the distinction between water and land based turbines, I was ignored. I behooves me when people like Mr. Bezaire indicate that IWT’s make no economic sense, yet find it acceptable to force these “white elephants” on residents living presently with less than 10 times the proposed distances in the lake. Has anyone of ever thought that we should just simply say NO to the scam that is wind energy especially when it cannot provide dispatchable energy, reduce C02 emissions, replace the need for fossil fuel generation, or provide any kind of “green job” without putting at risk other jobs in other sectors because of increased hydro rates? Please, we must unite on this issue.

  2. Mr. Bezaire’s opinion is short-sighted
    as well. For all the same reasons,
    installing turbines on land is as asinine
    as installing them in any of our waterways.

  3. OK…THAT guy doesn’t go on the endorsed candidate list.

  4. There are sufficient wind pathways on land, in Toronto, Ottawa, and probably Windsor, but no one ever suggests placing turbine developments there. Odd that the increased demand for electricity is urban, yet all development is rural, usually up against resident homes.
    Industrial wind development for Ont. is assine period.

  5. This guy is the level of Councilors we have in place across Ontario and is the reason this Province is in such a pickle as it is today!

    When stupid people get a chance to “play adult games” they usually screw things up!

  6. Martin

    FYI, the NGWAG is presently fighting to stop an IWT proposal in Ottawa.

  7. True, N. Gower is now part of Ottawa, but the city includes rural Rideau Township where the turbines are proposed. They would never be proposed on the Green Belt or in Ottawa South, the home of Dalton McGuinty. This is politically unthinkable, and this is the point I wish to make.

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