Board of Health for the Grey Bruce Seeks Amendment to Green Energy Act

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Moved by: Arlene Wright      Seconded by: Milt McIver

THAT,  the Board of Health for the Grey Bruce Health Unit request the Government of Ontario amend Ontario’s Green Energy Act to include municipal input into the decision making process around siting and set-back distances of Wind Turbines and measuring the effects of low frequency sound from the same; and further   THAT, copies of this motion be sent to all local MP’s and MPP’s, all Local Municipalities and all Ontario Boards of Health.           Carried.

2 thoughts on “Board of Health for the Grey Bruce Seeks Amendment to Green Energy Act

  1. It looks as though the Grey Bruce HU doesn’t want to be caught with another “Walkerton”.

  2. I wish them luck.

    Denialism is now recognized as a Public Health issue in Europe.

    People who do not support Climate Change Mitigation are in that group you know…

    Let’s face it — we’re just nuts…


    “All of these examples have one feature in common. There is an overwhelming consensus on the evidence among scientists yet there are also vocal commentators who reject this consensus, convincing many of the public, and often the media too, that the consensus is not based on ‘sound science’ or denying that there is a consensus by exhibiting individual dissenting voices as the ultimate authorities on the topic in question. Their goal is to convince that there are sufficient grounds to reject the case for taking action to tackle threats to health. This phenomenon has led some to draw a historical parallel with the holocaust, another area where the evidence is overwhelming but where a few commentators have continued to sow doubt. All are seen as part of a larger phenomenon of denialism. ”


    Now I think that could be read two ways — but it is just my opinion…

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