A mother tells her story – Clinton, Ontario

Tracy Lamont from St. Columban, Ontario speaks to a crowd in the town of Clinton on September 16th, 2010. Tracy’s family is trying to sell their home because they know that their young son cannot tolerate the noise from the wind turbines that are proposed to be 550m from their home.

6 thoughts on “A mother tells her story – Clinton, Ontario

  1. Another Industrial Wind Turbine refugee created by Dalton McGuinty and his reckless Green Energy Act.
    What a disgrace this Province has become.

  2. It took a lot for Tracy to get up in front of so many people to tell us of her son and her family’s situation. Talking in front of so many people is not something she enjoyed doing, but did it because it was the right thing to do. What kind of monsters are we dealing with that ignore and lie about what their industry is capable of doing. What kind of society are we living in that allows this to happen, not just to Tracy and her family but would allow it to happen to any one of our families. Wind turbines cannot provide beneficial power to our grid system and never will. The lies have to stop. Industrial wind turbines will be stopped.

  3. Witches indeed!

    Your comments about “aged” symptoms are repugnant.

    As an 80 year old who was able to sleep soundly before the 18 Vestas 1.65 MW IWT’s surrounding her home within a 3 km radius were engaged and now has to sleep elsewhere to get the same restorative quality of sleep, am appalled that you would play into the hands of the IWT Developers in this way.

    Why are you trying to divide and isolate the victims of IWT’s?

    What is it you have to gain by denigrating, dismissing and downplaying the very real symptoms which the “aged” victims of IWT’s are experiencing?

    What motivates you to write this kind of tripe?

  4. Johanna:

    I don’t think any offense was meant.

    Proof that Wind Turbine Syndrome it is not a “disease of the aged” is valuable indeed. So regardless of any offense that you may take it is truly valuable and useful information.

  5. Johanna – premature, acceralated aging of all age groups is exactly what the issue is. Hardening of the blood vessels, the heart, and all other organs in the body. Killing of the brain cells so that more & more our thinking replicates that of a person with Alzheimer’s. Without these turbines, maybe you could live to be 110.

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