Premier declares Saturday laundry day

By Glen McGregor, The Ottawa Citizen          Video

Premier Dalton McGuinty suggests that Ontarians concerned about rising energy costs should consider doing their laundry on weekends, when electricity rates are lower.

“We would encourage people to look at any possibility they might have to shift their patterns of electricity use to take advantage of times when electricity is less expensive,” he told reporters Friday.

He acknowledged that scheduling domestic duties to take advantage of “smart meters” and time-of-use rates that discount power on Saturdays and Sundays might not be an option for busy families.

“Terry and I had four kids in five years. We know that sometimes you have to put on the laundry right now. I understand that,” he said.

“But there are other opportunities for some folks, some times, to shift their patterns to later at night and on weekends so that they can have lower electricity bills.”

McGuinty’s government has faced increasing consumer outrage over hydro rates that are expected to rise sharply as Ontario overhauls its energy infrastructure. Provincial NDP leader Andrea Horwath said Thursday her party has calculated families will pay an average of $60 more annually for electricity.

McGuinty said the investment is important to ensure a reliable electrical supply schools, hospitals, businesses as well as homeowners.

He accused the previous Conservative government of causing brownouts by neglecting the energy infrastructure and said their only solution was to rely on environmentally unsound diesel generators.

McGuinty was speaking at an event to announce $4.2 million in funding for media arts programs at Ottawa’s Algonquin College over three years.

Consumers who buy their electricity from their local utility currently pay 6.5 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) up to a 600 kWh threshold and 7.5 cents per kWh used above it. In winter, the threshold for the lower rate rises to 1,000 kWh.

But the smart meters being phased in across the province mean consumers will pay 9.9 cents per kWh in peak periods, 8 cents in mid-peak and 5.3 cents in off-peak periods — anytime between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. and all day on weekends and holidays.

24 thoughts on “Premier declares Saturday laundry day

  1. 7th. line,”reliable electrical supply”? since when can you rely on the wind when you need it????Maybe,we should live next door to Queens Park.


    Only in a Third World socialist/communist/dictatorial government are people forced to change their habits to what the government and special interest groups have planned.

    Only in a Third World socialist/communist/dictatorial government are essentials for life rationed to the point of everyone being poor and dependant on government.

    This is the road we are on, make no mistake about it.

    There are eco-environmental groups and NGO’s who want us to live like we did in the Middle Ages. (except them the elites of course). These people, who are successfully lobbying government and have infiltrated key positions in government, are anti-individualism, anti-democracy, anti-freedom, and anti-modern civilization. Their goal is to kill Western Civilization and our way of life. Return us to poverty of the Middle Ages.

    Their efforts to force “conservation” of energy, their efforts for force “renewables” on to us, their efforts for make energy priced out of ability to pay is not what a modern society is about. If we need more power, BUILD MORE RELIABLE PLANTS!

    China just signed a 25 year agreement for coal from Russia to power their country. They aren’t worried about “global warming” because they know it is a Western obsession, not a real threat. They know that a modern society is built on plentiful cheap reliable power. They aren’t stupid!

    Yet we have people here who are stupid. People who have control over government policies. People who feel they need to be righteous by “saving the planet”, and to hell with the fate of everyone else. Individuals in their mind have no value.

    Everyone needs to stand up and stop this from proceeding further. Hell, even the Castro brothers now admit communism doesn’t work.

    “You can’t fix stupid, but you can vote it out.”

  3. He is completely detached from the real world and the daily lives of real people. I guess he lives in a pretty insulated little world.

  4. Rather than a long diatribe here, I have posted some comments at length on Ontario Power here:

    If you only want to read the comments on TOU (Time of Use) just scroll down to that section.

    It is far more interesting if you take the time to read the entire article. Just click on any graph for a larger more clear version.

    In summary there is little justification for the TOU — except on a few extreme weather days.


  5. David,thanks for all the work you put into your report.

    TOU is just another eco nut/greenie bad idea to try and force more electricity conservation.

    In practical terms this only makes electricity more expensive as people can’t shift their household activities to after 9PM.

    Also another way to disrupt peoples lives. Oh well,cold meals will make the stove last longer.

  6. Lots of brown-outs/black-outs when you live near a wind facility, sometimes daily in fine weather. Another million dollars was spent on a device used to alleviate brown-outs here, which helped somewhat.
    As well, when there’s a black-out, the turbines are the first to have their power restored – hours before the houses. Got to have those red lights flashing in this area of high aviation traffic; because, as you know, these turbines don’t work in black-out conditions.

  7. The Ontario government could provide the poor and the unemployed with galvanized window ice boxes. They work fine from November to/thru March.

    Conserves electricity and makes planet earth more sustainable at the same time.

    Coolers can be used the rest of the year.

  8. David,
    I don’t know if she takes advise from colonials.

    Anyway the poor and the unemployed get their food from food banks so most of it is non-perishable ready to eat food. So they don’t need either a stove or a refrigerator.

    Gee, they can help us out a lot on saving electricity.

  9. We are abiding by the rules of a psychopathic “government”. Time for a HUGE tax revolt.

  10. What’s wrong with this picture. Harper spends 1.2 billion $$’s on a party for world leaders and a beating for his citizens, and then we have Daily Food Banks feeding tens of thousands of Canadians!

    McGuinty spends multi billions of $$’s on foreign companies to come into Ontario to create jobs and save us from going bankrupt and in the same breath closes Emergency Rooms in Hospitals.

    “Both leaders “crowing” that we are World Leaders in this and that, particularly Finance, during the World-wide Recession yet we still need Food Banks to feed the “poor”…………

    So what is the real truth here………..are we filthy rich or are we filthy poor?

    Methinks the workers who can’t afford food know the answer to this!

  11. Where was the NDP leader Andrea Horwath when we were at Queens Park? The NDP were supporting these bloody costly Industrial Wind Turbine machines.

  12. I would like the answer to a very simple question. Perhaps a knowledgeable government official reads this blog is willing to post a direct and simple answer.

    Has Premier Dalton McGuinty sold his cottage so that he can stay home weekends and do the laundry?

    Can anyone supply a definitive answer?

    Is Premier McGuinty or a responsible official from his office willing to answer this question.

  13. David, if I had to guess, I think that the rules only apply to us pesky ‘common folk’ ;(

    These hyopcrites will never lead by example.

    On another note, what’s Sheryl Crow up to these days?

    “In an unheard of celebrity tutorial on mindful Earth friendly tips, Crow suggests using “only one square per restroom visit, except, of course, on those pesky occasions”.

  14. I agree, wegrait. The rules apply specifically to “the great unwashed.”

  15. David, while I am not, clearly, an insider/part of the Mcguinty inner circle, I feel confident that I can say, without hesitation, that the Mcguinty cottage will not be up for sale anytime soon – unless a wind development project is approved anywhere close by.

  16. Quite a few people have to work on weekends so can’t take advantage of off peak usage.

    The increased energy prices will hit the poor,unemployed and the working poor the hardest.

    The whole TOU issue was very poorly thought out. An idea pushed by the eco nuts on to the people.

  17. This off-peak usage is just a ruse.
    Doing a load of laundry on a Saturday
    or Sunday verses thru the week is
    going to save you pennies. McGuinty
    is trying to sell the idea that you have
    the control and flexibility to significantly
    reduce your electricity costs, which is a
    bunch of b.s.. Most of us do not have that
    many discretionary usages of power that
    can be switched to off-peak rates that will
    result in making any significant difference in
    our monthly billing.

  18. I agree that it is a ruse, a way of mocking the people. Sadly, those who are sucked in by save-the-world “green” schemes will probably follow the “Premier’s” “guidance”, and will educate their chldren that this is the right thing to do.

    More enlightened citizens will take this opportunity to let children know that sometimes unenlightened, self-serving people end up “leading” “governments” – and what a perfect example this man is!

  19. I guess you mean George Smitherman. Imagine the plight of Torontonians having to choose between Rob Ford and turbines in Lake Ontario.

  20. “The state does not belong in the bedrooms of the nation”. The wise words of Pierre Trudeau, from what now seems to be a more enlightened time (1967), have been totally forgotten by his fellow Liberal Dalton McGuinty. Neither does it belong in the laundry rooms of the nation. Talk about government meddling in people’s lives. Are we soon to be dictated to by the premier as to when we can use the toilet, under the guise of the next “conservation” scheme?

    Give me a break. No amount of sacrifice by Ontario residents can correct the biggest energy policy debacle in Canada’s history – the Green Energy Act. I for one, will not cave to Dictator Dalton’s insane insistence and will do my laundry when I please. It may cost more, but not nearly as much as the contributions I will make for his removal from office at the next election, along with his silent, lockstep lemming, Liberal caucus.

    Down with Dalton the Dictator!

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