Horizon Wind Inc. – Big Thunder Wind Park Open House

Horizon Wind Inc. held two open house meetings in August. Visitors were subjected to being video taped throughout the proceedings, and the independant reporter attending was hassled at the door requiring waivers to be signed from all visitors to clear them from being filmed by the videographer.  Horizon’s cameras and the local media were exempt.

Here you will see some of their answers to key questions along with a few deflections to direct questions. The moderator was quick to point out that the question was answered even if the question wasn’t addressed. City councillors were in attendance to both meetings.

In the end Horizon, when asked why they won’t move the turbines back they replied with “Because we won’t”. They also outlined their intent for future turbines after this project is completed.

8 thoughts on “Horizon Wind Inc. – Big Thunder Wind Park Open House

  1. From the article I’m not sure who required the videos. Is there more information on this?

  2. There is a 30 minute version of this video. This version has been shorted to show the highlights to their responses and in some cases, lack of responses.

    When asked about the number of proposed turbines they said “18”. They were asked if there were any more on the horizon. They replied with “The current project proposes 18”. A city councillor in attendance corrected them and said that they proposed in writing for an additional 32 turbines in phase two and 50-60 in phase three. No, they didn’t lie but they sure didn’t tell the whole story until confronted by the councillor.

    Watch the comment at the end asking them why they won’t move the turbines back away from people. They responded with “Because we won’t”. Not the neighbours they say they are on their website.

  3. Thanks for posting this. These people are fearful, guarded, secretive – they look and sound as though they are feeling guilty. How appropriate.

  4. Don’t let people like this “do business” in any Town. We still have By-Laws that can be passed at the Municipal level that can decide who does “business” within a township.

    Time to exercise what little power we have left!

  5. In circumstances like this people should just quietly walk out and go home. Don’t give anyone any reasons to videotape you.

    It’s possible that a person/persons could be charged with uttering threats or something else like trespassing. Who knows what charges could be made up against people.

  6. nice “Public Consultation Meetings”!…..more like “round up dissenters and label them terrorists”!

    Does the G20 come to mind here?

  7. That was pretty funny when the “Sky is Falling” speech at the end falls on deaf ears. Wow, they all are stuck 5 years ago thinking that busloads of people are going to gawk at Industrial Wind Turbines?!!
    Developers need to get real; these are real people with real life time investments in their property and health. And YES, lawyers will be contacting the developers, including the Province Of Ontario.
    McGuinty had to squirm in front of Hudak today and admit that the Green Energy Act is the reason hydro is so expensive.

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