McGuinty sinking, poll shows: 76% want new party in power

Robert Benzie, Queen’s Park Bureau Chief   Toronto Star

Three out of four Ontarians believe it’s “time for a change” at Queen’s Park because of the unpopular 13 per cent harmonized sales tax and lingering economic fears, a new poll suggests.

The Toronto Star-Angus Reid survey indicates Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals, who mark their seventh anniversary in power on Saturday, face major challenges as they head toward the Oct. 6, 2011 election.

With 76 per cent of respondents saying they would like to see another party in power and 71 per cent warning the province “is on the wrong track,” the poll signals change may be on the horizon. Read the entire article here

8 thoughts on “McGuinty sinking, poll shows: 76% want new party in power

  1. OK! So there are 24% of Ontarions that still Want Dalton McGuinty-Green as Premier.

    So what exactly is the problems with the 24%? Ar they living mentally in an alternate universe?

  2. Don’t be too harsh David, there are a
    few out there that think Dalton is doing a
    fine job. i.e. government consultants,
    windies, his mother, CEO Samsung…..

  3. Shoving wind down our throats,in areas we don’t want it,and not even looking at clean coal technology (less cost/acreage coverage), didn’t help his cause either for re-election.

  4. How many days will he be in power until he resigns?………shades of Harris?………….isn’t this the “new political reality”………….get voted in by the electorate after you and your party have basically destroyed the Province by promising to fix it, and then when elected ruin the Province even further and then resign and call an election and let the other Party continue on the road to ruin and on and on……….when are the electorate going to wake up to the fact that there is no honest Provincial Party out there?

    All we have left is our own small and almost dysfunctional Municipal Government that “could” be the saviour of this Province IF the “people” started to become “pro-active” in their own decision making!

    This takes guts and a bit of effort and that’s the hard one to motivate!

  5. Actually David, less than 22% of eligible voters chose the Liberals last time around.

    Over 48% did not vote.

    The group that voted Liberal include most of the 1 million paid out of the provincial coffers one way or another – and the groups madasabat notes. It’s distasteful, but at least most have selfish considerations

    The group that didn’t show up, to protect themselves from that group, are a bigger problem

  6. It’s still early, but maybe McGuinty & Co. are starting to get the message. After all, he announced a bribe to seniors with help on their electricity bills. I wonder how much more he’s going to throw around over the next tear in order to buy our votes?

  7. From the Globe and Mail…

    “It might work. Perhaps Mr. McGuinty, who’s nothing if not resilient, will succeed in adjusting his tone. Perhaps the other two party leaders, both novices, will wilt in the election spotlight. And perhaps, 12 months from now, voters will be in a more forgiving frame of mind.”

    So, according to the Globe, and Adam Radwanski, McGuinty just needs to adjust his tone. Finally, some decent investigative reporting!

    I was worried before, now I feel so relieved. First, forgive and forget, second bask in the new tone. The, we get another four years of a forgiven McGuinty — with a better tone. Thank goodness!

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