Arran-Elderslie Town Hall Meeting

Over 200 local residents concerned about the proposed Arran Wind Energy Project packed the Tara Community Centre until there was standing room only on Thursday evening for a Town Hall Meeting organized by the Friends of Arran Lake, part of Central Bruce-Grey Wind Concerns.

Although the keynote speaker, Grey-Bruce Medical Officer of Health Hazel Lynn, was unable to attend because of the sudden death of her mother, she sent a convincing message to the meeting expressing her concerns about the health of those living near industrial wind turbine developments.

Owen Sound Sun Times columnist, Jim Merriam, the moderator of the meeting, read her email:

“There is convincing evidence in the literature to conclude that, in some people, noise can induce annoyance and disrupted sleep including difficulty falling asleep and sleep interruption. Inadequate and disrupted sleep is associated with fatigue, cognitive impairment, increased risk of obesity, impaired glucose tolerance, high blood pressure, cancer, depression and impaired immunity. . . .This disruption from wind turbine noise is poorly predicted by simple measurements of the physical properties of the noise. As this disturbance can compromise health in susceptible individuals, care must be taken with respect to host communities in the siting of wind turbine installations”.

Other speakers included Lorrie Gillis, David Colling, Norma Schmidt, Bill Palmer, Rick Coates, Mike McMurray and Keith Stelling. Here is a summary of their message:

1. Even at a setback of only 550 metres, there are still far too many people complaining about adverse health effects. There is a move in England leaning to 5 km setbacks from homes.

2. Many farmers continue to experience serious health impacts on livestock resulting from unresolved problems with stray voltage, often associated with wind turbine installations.

3. Many people living near wind turbines are unable to sleep, experience continuing stress and increasing health problems. Some have had to abandon their homes.

4. While wind turbines are being sited unsafely, exposing homes, traffic and our families to ice throw and blade fragmentation risks, government noise regulations already in place are being violated on a daily basis. 

5. Our hydro bills are skyrocketing because we are paying twice for wind produce electricity: once with extravagant feed-in-tariff rates to benefit producers and a second time to run polluting single-cycle gas plants to back up wind.

6. Real estate values are affected by wind turbine developments. Industry generated “studies” fail to take into account that houses near wind turbines remain unsold and are often withdrawn from the market or abandoned.

7. The environmental footprint of a wind turbine is not benign. It does little to save CO2 emissions, does not replace coal, but it is destroying our natural habitats, endangered species and biodiversity.

Bottom line: Wind power is undispatchable, unreliable, inefficient and expensive.

Why are we allowing our provincial government to destroy our health, deplete the value of our homes, jeopardize our safety, sell us unaffordable electricity, degrade our natural heritage and channel our taxes into welfare for multinational energy companies?

People attending the meeting were asked to help save Arran Lake by sending this letter to the Minister of the Environment. Anyone reading this can also cut and paste and send this letter. Your help is needed and appreciated.



Address ………………………





The Honourable John Wilkinson
Minister of the Environment
11th Floor, Ferguson Block
77 Wellesley Street West
Toronto, ON M7A 2T5

Dear Minister Wilkinson:

RE: arran wind energy project

It would be difficult to imagine a natural habitat more inappropriate for an industrial wind turbine development than that of the Arran Wind Energy Project. Within its boundaries are a functioning Natural Heritage System (MNR) comprised of provincially significant Life or Earth Sciences ANSIs; provincially significant wetlands forming a 1235.6 hectare wetland complex; several migratory bird staging areas; and an international migratory flight corridor. The site is also significant habitat for 23 threatened or endangered species

We believe that the time has passed for government rubber stamping of industry commissioned environmental reports. These need careful unbiased scrutiny by professional biologists.

We believe also that environmental regulations must be amended to prevent areas of very high sensitivity such as Arran Lake from being degraded by industrial wind turbines. 120 metre setbacks from wetlands and ANSIs are woefully inadequate in comparison to the 2-5 kilometres that are being recommended by international biologists. They insist that migratory corridors adjacent to staging areas must be avoided completely.

We believe that industrial wind turbine developments should not be forced on communities that do not want them. Ontario’s communities must have a say in planning their future.

We look forward to receiving a reply outlining your proposed remedies at your earliest convenience.

Yours truly,


3 thoughts on “Arran-Elderslie Town Hall Meeting

  1. You can go to You Tube to see the New Trailer for the documentary ‘They’re Not Green’

    Visit the website
    There are Episodes that show: how thousands of birds are killed every year at Altamont Pass; wind turbine blades are made of toxic
    materials (fiberglass, resins, epoxy) that are not bio-degardable; the manufacture and installation of each concrete wind turbine base produces
    250,000 pounds of CO2; Scientific reports show by 2020 Industrial Wind Power will have little effect on controlling Global CO2, etc.

  2. Media person who attended noted that the crowds are getting larger and larger for these meetings.

  3. we chose Arran Lake trailer park because of the beauty, serene atmosphere, and our love of nature. i cannot imagine any goverment would be so calous to allow this project to be approved. the impact to tourism would be devastating, who would want to spend their hard earned money listening to one these wind turbines . Let alone be dangerous to wildlife, we must preserve what limited wetland and vacation spots that are left in our wonderful province.
    It seems that liberal government has forgotten that it’s government for the people by the people,
    thankyou for letting me vent
    respectively yours Bob Robinson

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