Protest turbine built near Point Clark, Ontario

5 thoughts on “Protest turbine built near Point Clark, Ontario

  1. As a rule, I generally don’t pass along these ” add your name ” lists that appear in emails.
    However, this one is important.

    This list has been circulating for months and has been sent to over 3 million people across Ontario.
    To show your support for Mr. McGuinty’s leadership, please go to the end of the list and add your name.

    1. Mrs. McGuinty.
    2. Mrs. McGuinty (Dalton’s Mom)

  2. This “protest” is PERFECT!!!!……………Gerretson and others in the Government who so eloquently announced that Wind Facilities were “tourist attractions” should look at this every day they are in power and when the hammer falls on them in the elections next year will “understand” why LYING is not going to prolong your jobs!

  3. Does anyone remember The Battle of the Windmill from the novel Animal Farm?

  4. This is beautiful! Bravo to the creator!
    This in no way is meant to divert from the essence of this wonderful piece, but what would really add to the statement is to build a “to scale” box to represent a house in comparison to the tower size used. Then people would really get it!

  5. Well Done! That took some work but the message is pretty clear. Stop the Industrial Wind Turbines, they are nothing but industrial sprawl in our Great Lakes and Farm lands of Ontario.

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