Chaos in Manvers – Residents treated like criminals

Shot by a resident of Manvers, Ontario, on 9/30/10, at a public meeting where the wind developer was expected to explain to the community its plans to industrialize their township.  (Section 2 of Ontario’s “Green Energy Act” requires wind developers to consult with the community before industrializing it.)    Even David Marsh, Town Councilor, was being harassed by Security Guards.

23 thoughts on “Chaos in Manvers – Residents treated like criminals

  1. I was at a similar “Public Open House” that same evening at the Millbrook Arena.

    Members of the public were “greeted” by four private Security Guards as we attempted to enter room for the “Public Open House” where two on-duty members of the OPP were on hand to “greet” us as well.

    I believe there were more private Security Guards on hand on Monday August 23, 2010 when Energy Farming Ontario Inc. held their “Public Open House” in Norwood for their proposed “Wind Farm Collie Hill” project.

    All three of these Energy Farming Ontario Inc. “Public Open Houses” have been conducted with a number of private Security Guards and at least two on-duty members of the OPP on hand. How “open” does the process sound to you? Do you really think any meaningful “consultation” took place at any of these “Public Open Houses”?

    This “strategy” was certainly a very unfriendly manner that representatives of Energy Farming Ontario Inc. chose to “consult” with the members of the public at their “Public Open Houses” for these proposed industrial wind energy projects.

    It does make one wonder what type of antics they have planned for the “public” if any of their proposed projects do go ahead.

    Let us hope we never have to find out!

  2. A mandatory public consultation, that you go to as a resident to see where they plan to ram these damn machines in, requires you identify yourself and get videotaped- or stay out??!! This is insane. Public consultation should NOT include locking people outside when there is ample room to seat them indoors. It should not include treating the public like criminals if they choose not to identify themselves. This is embarrassing and only gives the police presence an even worse name. Pardon me, but I think this company and the security were lucky they didn’t get a riot, because it looks like they were pushing for one. The people at this meeting knew how to stand up for their rights- good on you Manvers!

  3. Insane indeed. How can this be happening in Ontario? Who gets OPP to come? Are people signing in with fake names and signatures?

    This is deeply shocking. To you who stand up to this viciously disrespectful intimidation and bullying – a thousand cheers.

  4. This not a smart way to get the public onboard.

    However, the wind turbine company most likely has rented the hall/room so they have a right to have security present as they paid for the use of the premises.

    This is the reason an unwanted person could be charged with trespassing.

  5. Look folks,the wind turbine companies have lawyers so they know what they can and cannot do at these information meetings.

    So please don’t get yourselves into any troubles. It can be costly to get out of trouble with the law.

  6. this year in leamington we had the same kind of meeting. we didnt have to sign in but there were over 200 people and the leamington police were called. too many people in a small room. the meeting was cancelled. the company was trying to put over 600 windmills in lake erie.
    thank u dalton. when the next election comes along i will not vote for the fiberals.

  7. My wife and I attended this “public” meeting and signed in as “Jeb” and “Molly” “Snickers”. We were required to wear name tags. I refused and went and sat down. If you weren’t wearing a name tag they wouldn’t let you leave the gym to go to the bathroom…luckily I didn’t have to go.
    Energy Farming, wpd and Leader Energy want to industrialize the eastern section of the Oak Ridges Moraine with IWT’s. The ridges are “protected” by the Oak Ridges Conservation Act of 2001…did I mention we are also in the “Green Belt”? You have to jump through hoops to even put up a shed! …makes my blood boil…

  8. I think we need to ascertain just what is legal. Do wind companies have the right to deny entrance to a public meeting if you do not want to sign in, or is this an abuse of power? Can they prevent you from using a washroom if you don’t wear a name tag? Once we have a firm grasp of our legal standing, we can choose a course of action to prevent further bullying.

  9. Any security guard who manhandles a citizen without provocation should be charged with assault and a lawsuit filed against the employer. Know your rights!

  10. Thanks for this sound advice, Lynne. I wonder about the absence of media. Are the police paid to be there and the media paid to stay away?

  11. Also, these meetings should be on video as a matter of course.

  12. When I say the meetings should be videotaped, I mean by the public attendees and/or the media.

  13. Same type of ‘public ‘ meeting by Horizon adn MKInce in thunder bay
    OPP, security, video taping, writing down license plates of cars, mandatory sign in.
    Then the meeting format was insufficient project / technical staff (mostly PR and security) and limiting questions.
    They didnt want us to tape them and their answers, although it seems some people did manage to do this.

    MOE should be ashamed of allowing this to go on, and turning their backs on this entire fiasco
    They say its not their job- well then whose job is it????
    They seem to take the word of developers at face value and do closed door deals and discussions

  14. Rural residents should show up with video cameras and really big security guards, as well as an attorney to make sure their rights are not being violated.

  15. This is very troubling footage and speaks to the complete sham that these ‘consultation’ meetings are set up to be. Police presence, security guards, intimidation, scare tactics, verbal assault, rudeness, idiocy: A novel way for wind companies to introduce the ‘many benefits’ they pretend to bring to our ‘communities’ !
    Good work Manvers. Thank you for encouraging the rest of us in your strong, united and appropriate response to this farce

  16. Open meetings are nothing more than a requirement for the process. What happens or does not happen is up to the company. At the end of the day the open meeting happens and the process goes on. An officer should be ashamed a representing OPP at these functions. Ask them what they feel about a police state atmosphere. What is so horribly wrong with a proposed development to need that kind of protection?

  17. Yes, the “meetings” are not public consultations.
    They are merely a formality – like telling a child about something that has been decided for them, for their “own good”, over which they have no control and are allowed no input.

  18. And they don’t take “no” for an answer.

    When I saw the Manvers video, I realized that those folks were living in a police state at that meeting. I still feel shock.

    Pure domination. We’ve asked you nicely to submit, now we take you by force.

  19. Such pretense — using domination, and intimidation under “we’ve decided this is for your own good.” Do I smell collusion between the gov’t, wind companies and police? Scary.

  20. We must be conscious and careful. There may well be an attempt to escalate from intimidation to force, and we must prepare for this by continuing to build up our collective spirit, and by uncovering truth layer by layer.

  21. Recently a friend told me that her Toronto City Councillor said this to her: “Hold your nose and vote for Smitherman.”

    To her, and to you, Ruth, I say, “Trust your sense of smell.”

    (And give that Councillor a good sniff while you’re at it!”)

  22. this is ludicrous treatment of the “public” at a PUBLIC meeting. They all should have signed john and jane do! This treatment of people is very AMERICAN!
    shameful indeed

  23. Maybe at the next “public” meeting, we the public, should ask the OPP or any on duty police officer for their badge number and have a sign in sheet for the private security guards and their badge numbers. I will surely take my camera and take photos of guards and police and maybe have someone follow me with a video cam surreptitiously too.

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