Has anyone seen our MPP?


The local MPP is reported missing.  He was last seen in Lindsay snuggled up beside McGuinty for a photo-op.  Apparently they didn’t lock the back door at the Rec Center like they did at Rolling Hills Public School for the wind turbine meeting.

Mr. Johnson, you missed another wind turbine meeting (sending a representative who ducks out 20 minutes into the actual meeting doesn’t count).

If you see Rick (Johnson) or his new best friend Dalton, ask them why the turbine setback is 5 km at the beaches in Toronto and less than 550 meters for our schools and children?

Murray Carnaghan, Bethany

6 thoughts on “Has anyone seen our MPP?

  1. It might be me, but I have read somewhere Toronto has only one Windmill.

    Liberals have also agreed to use a 5 km offset from the Toronto beaches.

  2. Toronto does indeed have 1 turbine at the CNE grounds.. A little one at 0.75 MW. On top of that, it hasn’t worked since shortly after it was installed. The manufacturer went bankrupt and spare parts are not available. The community investors who helped to finance the deal thought that they were doing the right thing by going “green” and hoped to make a little money for their efforts. In hindsight, they were lied to by the promoters (City of Toronto and Toronto Hydro). The investors that I have heard from indicate that they wouldn’t do it again.

    There is another 1.5MW turbine at the Pickering Nuclear Plant and it too, does not work, but the blades keep turning making some people feel good about being green. If they only knew!

    By the way, the 5km set back of the shores of the Scarborough Bluffs is only a proposal. CANWEA and friends will argue vigourously for something less than 5km or perhaps say that only projects that are proposed from here forward should be subject to the 5km.

    In case you havent noticed, I don’t trust anything that Daddy Dalton or his cronies say.

  3. Maybe the people of Toronto should be told that their “wind mill” (fake Turbine) isn’t generating anything!

    Then it could basically be designated as a “Monument” honouring Dalton McGuinty’s “Green Dream (Nighmare)” for all the braimwashed school children that he is churning out of our mindless schools across the GREATER TORONTO AUTHORITY!

  4. Both adults and school children are subjected to a steady stream of Green Chicken Little propaganda. There is no end in sight for the spreading this green rubbish.

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