If in doubt, just blame the zeitgeist

by Michael Dentandt   Toronto Sun

Excerpt:     Take, for example, wind power. A year ago it was already obvious that the grand vision of the Green Energy Act — an Ontario rural landscape festooned with industrial wind turbines — was a failure.

It was a failure because everywhere the turbines were built in any number, people living nearby complained. They complained about headaches, lack of sleep, nervousness, irritation and other so-called intangible ailments. They complained about the loss of their view, declines in their property values and the destruction of the rural Ontario landscape. And the complaints haven’t gone away.

McGuinty, a Liberal, ostensibly represents a balance between the power of the marketplace and the rights and welfare of ordinary people. Yet in the wind debate, if it can be called a debate, there’s no balance.

The government and the wind-energy industry are lined up on one side. Individuals, mainly from rural areas, are banded together on the other. What’s wrong with this picture?

If McGuinty wished to he could propose a huge wind farm on Lake Ontario, within spitting distance of the high-priced condos on Front St. Toronto Island could be covered with turbines. High Park, Toronto’s beautiful downtown green space, could easily bear 50 or 80 big windmills. But nobody in Toronto is pushing hard for this option. Why not?

Incumbents Barack Obama, Dalton McGuinty and David Miller have this much in common: All three promised sweeping improvements. And all three delivered a hard nugget of same-old same-old — the big, whether government bureaucracy, insurance or energy companies, trampling on the small.

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  1. Pres.Obama is one of the world’s leading proponents of wind turbines and other types of so called green energy.

    He has stated that electric energy costs need to rise inorder to curtail the use of energy.

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