Province’s green commitment fuzzy

By Rick Fuschi, Windsor Star

Commenting on hydro costs, Dalton McGuinty was indisputably right about only one thing, we will again “shoulder the costs” of his decisions.

As the infrastructure of his “greener energy grid” increases from the spectacularly pricey solar power to the proliferation of unsightly wind generators, look around the county, we are getting deeper into an energy commitment whose outcome is very uncertain.

Someone will have to pay for new energy for which McGuinty has promised as high as $.80/kWh. This is 10 to 20 times what we are currently paying and the promises can only be covered from our pockets.

Will the billions we spent on his futile “smart” meters save us, or just add to the crushing burden which is now enhanced every step of the way by the HST? His feeble reassurance is that new technology will blossom into jobs. But, if you Google “Spanish study on green jobs” you will find sobering details about the probable outcome of McGuinty’s experiment.

In Spain, every job created by green energy measures displaced two jobs in the rest of the economy. The multi-billion commitment made to Samsung then becomes an anvil around our necks.

What if the hardware we are buying with these huge sums is suddenly converted to obsolete junk by some unforeseen energy breakthrough, while long-term contracts still obligate us to pay $.80/kWh?

The greatest concern should be, what industry will relocate to Ontario when the price of hydro has reached the sky and nearby jurisdictions are vividly cheaper? The 20-per-cent increase now can only be the beginning.

This has the makings not of prudent energy securing but of monument building. And when we are finally rid of McGuinty, the costs of this hydro monument will linger long after it has turned to dust.


5 thoughts on “Province’s green commitment fuzzy

  1. Today is the 1st anniversary of the totally inadequate agreement between Essex and AIM. We now have residents that have these monsters looming over their heads with all that noise invading their property. As a municipality we certainly got the wool pulled over our heads. $1750 for a roads security, no payment for poles on our right of way, the county gets $2 million road security and an annual payment for use of right of way. We get $1,500 a turbine for 10 years of a 40 year agreement . Melancthon in August from the same company,different name got $4,000 a turbine for 20 years of a 20 year agreement. Thank you very much AIM-IPC and 5 Essex Councilors

  2. When we compare our Hydro Rates to other Provinces in Canada and now notice that we pay up to 10X the amount they pay on Vancouver Island what does that say about the future of Ontario. McGuinty along with previous Governments has basically destroyed Ontario!

    Once the “engine that drove Canada” now we qualify as a “developing Province” which is a nice way of saying “dirt poor welfare state!”

  3. Is not illegal for elected officials to make and sign stupid contracts on behalf of their constituents but their constituents must hold their elected officials responsible for having signed these stupid contracts.

    It’s not illegal to be stupid or at least not yet it isn’t.

  4. welcome to the Liberal way,the Conservatives were not any better.Learn how to stretch, for when you bend your back to kiss another part of your body,goodbye ( knee )?????You do not want to hurt your back and your wallet too.

  5. Even investment houses are going green and issuing commentary on people who will not follow the green agenda…

    “This movie was not offensive. What is offensive is the fact that we still entertain climate change deniers who use fossil fuel-funded studies to push their dishonorable agendas.”

    Here’s to all us fossil fuel loving, wind-power hating deniers. Three Cheers!

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