Brits to pay $3200 per year for power bill. Ontarians take note.

By Lawrence Solomon   Financial Post

With Ontario power utilities asking for rate hikes approaching 20% — this on top of outsized rate hikes in previous years – the press and the public has been asking for the cause of the rate hikes.  One indication comes from the UK, where the government regulator today announced that UK households should expect $1240 a year price hikes, raising their annual bills above the $3200 a year mark.

The reason for the UK’s dramatic hikes? The UK’s so-called green energy program, which like Ontario’s is embarking on a building binge of wind farms and other unneeded generating stations, topped off by a not-so-smart grid to bring this unneeded power to market.

Ontario is on the same path. Getting off the path and reversing the upward spiral would be easy to do: Simply tear up the Ontario Green Energy Act and begin a return to normalcy.  The announcement by Ofgem, the UK electricity regulator, can be found here.

16 thoughts on “Brits to pay $3200 per year for power bill. Ontarians take note.

  1. For one single maniac’s “Green Dream” (Nightmare) that turns a whole Province into an “Industrial Wasteland” for the sake of friends and investors there should be an “awakening” by the People of Ontario onto who and what this GEA will do to US!

    Doesn’t take much of an imagination to see the road to ruin we are on with Britain setting the example of what not to do!

  2. Was that the Ofgem or Omfg that made the announcement in the UK ?

  3. Oh, quit your bickering. By doing your laundry on Saturdays and bathing once a week on Sunday you can offset this cost significantly :O

    The message we’re trying to send here is Conserve, Conserve, Conserve. How many times do we have to tell you that we cannot keep up with demand because of all the new industry moving into Ontario.


  4. This Municipal Election across Ontario is finally giving people a chance to speak out about the whole nightmare called Politics at all levels of Government and it’s “refreshing”!

    “These old boys in the old boys club” are in for a rude awakening after October 25th!

  5. I listened to the mayoralty debate on CBC last night. Mr. Smitherman was bragging about the Samsung contract, as well as the Green Energy Act. I am quite astonished that no one called him on it. I would have thought (yes, another fantasy, I realize) that someone would have called out, “That contract was untendered.” I am finding that even urbanites with an eco-fascist bent object to that Samsung deal.

  6. To Wegrait
    I checked it out – it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever and I told that to Toronto Hydro

  7. claire,

    What are the poll numbers for the mayoral race in Toronto? Most of us don’t get that information out in Hicksville.

  8. Barbara, I listen to the radio – I do not have television – and I look online at CP24 and

    There was a major poll on September 20th, I think it was. Not much since then, surprisingly.

    I have heard that Rob Ford is the only candidate who objects to industrial wind. I emailed Rocco Rossi, but no response so far.

  9. Smitherman and Ford were almost tied back on September 26th after Slithey’s budget address………………..then when Thomson quit and said she wanted her supporters to throw in with Slithey they all crossed the road and threw in with Ford……… I understand Ford is well ahead of Mr. Green Pants.

    When questioned on his E Health Scandals and his poor record while an MPP he stated “that has nothing to do with this Municipal Election”

    I guess McGuinty and him believe everything they say to themselves…………it’s called being “delusional”!

  10. PS Barbara, you seem rather well-spoken for a Hicksvillite. Are you sure you ain’t a city-slicker?

    Quixote, what is your source for Ford now being well ahead of G.S.?

  11. CP24 TV has been following the “running of the reptiles” in Toronto on an hourly basis and although a new poll hasn’t been announced as yet this week they keep referring to Ford as having a large lead and how popular he’s becoming from the street!

    I truly believe CP24 is PRO Smitherman and I truly believe that Slithey has asked CTV and CP24 not to publish any actual figures on polling results IF he isn’t in the lead!

    Ford would be a great Mayor if he took some anger management classes and buttoned his lip once in awhile…………maybe being elected Mayor of the largest City in Canada may “humble him” a bit!

  12. Do you trust George Smitherman?
    94%Total Votes for this Question: 2845

    This was a recent poll conducted by the Toronto Sun.

  13. The poll numbers above were:

    No 94%
    Yes 6%

    They got jumbled in the cut and paste.

  14. A good polling question would be “Is trust a key factor in your vote?” I trust myself and myself says “No!” to Smitherman.

    I was very interested when Matt Galloway asked each candidate for a single word re: future of Toronto. Smitherman said either “power” or “powerful”; Ford said “vibrancy”.

    Creator/God works in mysterious ways.

  15. claire,

    I have lived in both the city and the country.Each has its benefits.

    Don’t like to see people cheated no matter where they live or looked down on because they live in the the country.

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