OFA caught in “power” struggle

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Less than two months ago, the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) was in a big campaign to force government to increase the number of contracts paying farmers 80 cents to produce solar electricity which sells for about 10 percent of that amount.

Ironically, as if that campaign had never happened, the OFA just issued a commentary lamenting the price of electricity paid by farmers, but can’t seem to see the connection.

The OFA doesn’t appear to understand it can’t have things both ways – if the OFA wants farmers to benefit from being able to sell over-priced electricity, they can’t complain about price when it comes time to buy. ~Stephen Thompson, Clinton

8 thoughts on “OFA caught in “power” struggle

  1. How many of the OFA’s farmers will still be in business when they are paying 80 cents/kWh for their electricity? OFA and its leadership are simply shooting themselves in the foot while those signing the contracts ‘belly up to the trough’. Is it naivete, or a lack of ethics?

  2. I cancelled my membership in the OFA over this exact issue.

  3. Our OFA membership has been cancelled too. I unceremoniously removed the OFA sign from the post on our property as I was disgraced to have any association with this organization. My ancestors who cleared the land in the 1830’s to farm here in southwestern Ontario would be appalled at the current focus of such a ‘farm’ organization.

  4. How tragic it will be when farmers are lining up at the food banks because they can no longer feed themselves due to the cost of their electricity bills. Will the OFA be there to help them? (rhetorical question…no need to answer)

  5. Farmers have lost all respect for their profession, their neighbours, and for themselves.
    My husband and I were both raised on farms. Our parents never whined or expected a hand out from anyone, certainly not the government. The government was not trusted 50 years ago and today we know they are not to be trusted, no matter what party is in.
    Our parents wanted to give us an better life than they had, but they also taught us that there is no easy way. You have to work for what you get. Have one job, two jobs, whatever it takes to make an honest living. These farmers that are signing up for ugly, inefficient IWT do not have their children’s or grandchildren’s futures in
    mind. They are all for the almighty buck for themselves. They will get what they deserve and take the rest of us down with them. So much for ‘Love Thy Neighbour”. There seems to be a new breed of farmers in Ontario. And how dare the OFA to think that industrial wind turbines have anything to do with farming. Windmills on the farm had a purpose. IWT don’t.
    J.C. My ancestors would not be pleased either.

  6. If the OFA had Zero members, it would cease to exist!

    If Mcguinty had zero voters, he would cease to exist.

    If the AMO had zero members it would cease to exist!

    If CANWEA had zero members it would cease to exist!

    Get the picture?

  7. Well, MONSANTO and friends are sitting at the controls —

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