Ontario to pull plug on Oakville power plant

Natural Gas plant in Conn., after an explosion that killed at least five people

By Karen Howlett, Globe and Mail 
Location for plant criticized for being too close to neighbouring homes and schools

The McGuinty government is pulling the plug on a controversial power plant planned for Oakville, following stiff opposition from local residents who complained it would be too close to neighbouring homes and a school, sources say.

Energy Minister Brad Duguid will announce the sudden policy reversal at a news conference on Thursday afternoon in Oakville.  According to sources in the energy sector, Mr. Duguid will essentially say that “the world has changed” since the plant was initially proposed and that the province can meet local electricity needs through other measures, including new transmission lines.

But critics say the motivation for the change is next year’s provincial election. Mr. Duguid will be flanked by Kevin Flynn, the Liberal MPP for the riding of Oakville who has been trying to persuade the government not to go ahead with the plant.

“I don’t agree with the Oakville power plant, but it seems pretty clear that the decision they are making is not based on the analysis they’ve been pushing for ages,” New Democratic Party energy critic Peter Tabuns told reporters on Thursday. “I think they see themselves in trouble in Oakville.”

In backing off the plan, the government is effectively overruling its own planning agency, the Ontario Power Authority, which considered several locations in the southwestern part of the Greater Toronto Area before settling on Oakville.

But residents of Oakville have mounted a sustained communications campaign against the proposed plant.

11 thoughts on “Ontario to pull plug on Oakville power plant

  1. Wow! What next? Scrubbers on coal plants?

    Good for the people of Oakville in fighting down the government’s plans. McGuinty and Duguid must be pretty worried to backtrack to this extent!

  2. Another example where the Liberals listen to Urban Ontarians….but tell rural folks to “suck it up”.

    This is all about votes folks!

    The Liberals have already written-off rural Ontario. They couldn’t care less about us.

  3. The TO Star report on the story mentions the plant would be 1 Km. from existing homes, not just 550 m.
    Duguid is the same guy who told Orangeville residents to “get used to it” (Wind Development).
    Clearly Liberals have a different standard of play for rural and urban ridings. Wonder how Carol Mitchell plans to explain this to her constituents?

  4. Come on folks!
    You all know that the almighty dollar rules and East Oakville certainly has plenty.

  5. It’s a LIBERAL well-heeled riding!!! Can’t put that at risk.
    Millions of dollars spent and wasted!!!
    In the Holland Marsh, in a CONSERVATIVE Riding, in the Green Belt that’s where gas plants need to be.
    I’m wrong. I thought there was a limit to the despicable behaviour of the McGuinty Liberals. They’ve just proven they’ll stoop to any level.

  6. Dalton McGuinty has no problem creating industrial sprawl in rural farm lands, Greenbelt locations and in our Crown lands.
    This is not a man of integrity. He uses our health care as a weapon against us. How many times has he claimed to spend our ever increasing tax dollars for our health care, then squander it away like he did on the e-health scandal.
    Mr. McGuinty needs to understand he is not newly elected and his actions are speaking louder than his words.

  7. I don’t how much more “proof” the People of Ontario need now that this group of “greedy” so-called “leaders” are anything but “speculators using our dollars for their own gains”……..without the pink building protecting them from the Laws of the Land they would all be inside a court room answering to a Judge!

  8. Why would they need a gas plant with all these reliable Wind Turbines


    And as for the OPA plan — who needs it — we have Mr. Minister Duguid with his “Flavour of the day” management style.

    “After months of public outrage and protests by thousands of residents, the McGuinty government has cancelled plans for a gas-fired power plant in Oakville, citing changes in electricity demand and supply.”

    So what do we know today that we did not know a year or two ago? Nothing!

  9. McGuinty and Duguid in effect said…”We won’t tolerate NIMBYism unless you amass support and threaten to withhold campaign contributions and support to the Ontario Liberal Party”….Haha

  10. Wasn’t this generating plant supposeed to be the back-up for the wind turbines that never generate any power ?

    I think that the time is right for a mass revolt by all municipalities….

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