Will you help save Arran Lake?

Beautiful Arran Lake has been targeted for a 46, 2.5mw turbine wind energy project by foreign multinationals, Mesa Energy (T. Boone Pickens of Texas and General Electric with Leader Resources. There are at least 4 more proposals for our township.

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8 thoughts on “Will you help save Arran Lake?

  1. More investigation is needed to find suitible sites for these giant windmills in order to get a concensus for all invokved. Leave our beautiful pristine ares alone!

  2. And we wonder why the wind turbine backup power plants are natural gas. T. Boone Pickens is one North Americas largest purveyors of natural gas and oil. What better way to increase the sale of natural gas, than increase the number of wind turbines in a particular market. The very people that the Greens vilify are pushing for wind turbines to save the world form the CO2 they sell on the other side of the fence.

    Green is a religion based on faith , not fact.

  3. There are NO suitable sites for industrial wind turbines, anywhere on this planet! They are nothing but a huge scam designed to increase our hydro rates. They’re not much use for anything else.

  4. T. Boone Pickens has spent millions of dollars in CA commercials, bad mouthing US investments in Foreign Oil and promoting wind power. CA doesn’t use Oil for Electricity. Wind Power is variable. After billions of dollars, wind power only supplies CA with 2% of our electrical needs. Wind Turbines have damaged property, killed thousands of birds, and have been harmful to Human Life. Watch the ‘They’re Not Green’ New Trailer on You Tube.
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  5. There are NO SUITABLE SITES to advance this horrible scam.

  6. CBC radio had that guy on. He admitted that Texas wasn’t going to pay the subsidies he needed and that the surplus Industrial Wind Turbines were being sold here in Canada. Apparently we want their crap to spoil our natural and farmed lands.

  7. Wind Turbines siting practices have nothing to do with Electrical Generation….”Destruction of Landscapes” is one direct intention of this “miserable” Government so that the land becomes uninhabitable and unwelcoming and unproductive so that PEOPLE move off of it!………then the Government can claim that land as “theirs” and at the same time force the PEOPLE to move back into the high density urban environment so that services can be delivered cheaper and faster.

    Rural Ontario’s destruction as a “livable place” is the main intent of this Provincial Government……

    Oh yeah…did I mention the “sleazy investment community” is also interested in making huge dollars off this Scam?………….

  8. After viewing the presentation here on the Arran Lake wind turbine project,,I am nauseated beyond all belief at this project in particular, and all wind turbine projects in general..At present , I enjoy the quiet solitude on a piece of property on Arran Lake, with no obstruction by a monster some say is good for the environment, etc, etc..Not to mention all the negative impacts that the government will not admit to..I chose to live in the country because of the beautiful scenery the rural landscape provides.. Now, bureaucrats in our government are trying to force something on the public, which from the accounts I have read, and from personal contact with those already involved with these projects,, they do not want…Hindsight is 20/20..These company reps sneak around the countryside, signing up prospective clients,in a very underhanded approach, in my view…One day these people will find out just how strong the opposition to these eyesores are, and something can and will be done about them.. I just hope I live long enough to see the results..

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