Letter of support from EPAW-members in Germany

Dear Carmen, dear members of the Society for Wind Vigilance,  dear organizers, scientists, experts and visitors of this important symposium in Canada!

The members of EPAW – European Platform against Windfarms – in Germany support your International Symposium and your struggle to protect  the health of human beings, social structures  and nature against  industrial wind energy by exposing the dangers caused by wind power plants for health and social justice.

Today there are some 22.000 wind turbines in Germany and the number is increasing all the time.- Many lie on the coast but more and more are being built inland to, where they are being set up in forests and on hills and mountains.  In addition we soon will experience the plague of thousands of offshore wind turbines in the North Sea and the Baltic.

We represent thousands of German victims and opponents of wind turbines, including those in the northernmost region in Germany, where once was the cradle of the German wind power, who are suffering since more than two decades from the impact of wind turbines. The symptoms, which Nina Pierpont calls WTS in her book “Wind Turbine Syndrome”, many of us already know very well. As much as we experienced the loss of habitat and life of our species (especially birds and bats – soon the whales  because of offshore wind turbines projected and already in construction) and the destroy of nature and landscape in Germany.

We are ashamed that many of the industrial killing machines are coming just from our region and about the fact that almost all the major conservation organisations in Germany have sold out to the industrial wind turbine lobby by accepting donations and sponsorship. There is therefore no support from this direction for wildlife protection in our country.

Officially in Germany there are neither subsonic nor infrasonic sound waves caused by wind turbines!

In Germany there is only good, clean and green energy obtained by wind. Every German loves wind energy and is proud that the world will be saved thanks to it !?!?

Don’t believe those who tell you such lies!!!

These are wind energy fairy tales which could better be described as nightmares!

 Many people don’t dare to say openly “I’m against Wind Energy” because they will be laughed at, abused, insulted and provoked by officialdom and the media.They are even threatened and attacked by those who want to make “Big Money with Big Wind” !-  Many people are too frightened to speak openly for their civil rights. They are desperate because they receive neither help nor support. -. I’m not talking theory! I speak from painful, personal experience!

Living beside wind turbines between 300 to 1000 km away is like a trip to hell! Various symptoms as high blood pressure, dizziness, headache, tinnitus and insomnia or total lack of sleep for example one has to bear.

But in Germany, where energy produced by wind turbines is called “ecological” and industrial wind turbines are sacred, people living in proximity to the 22,000 wind turbines in this country (some of them since 20 years or more) suffering from WTS and VAD, or others who will likely to become ill if the installation of an additional 25,000 new generation wind turbines planned and approved will be realized, all this officially doesn’t exist.

We, the German members of EPAW, want to thank you for this important international Symposium and your dedication to uncover the danger of the emissions by windturbines for health and social life!

 Many thanks and best wishes to Ontario from all “headwinders” in Germany –

Jutta  Reichardt
“Windwahnmarsch”, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Spokeswoman of EPAW( European Platform against Windfarms) for Germany

4 thoughts on “Letter of support from EPAW-members in Germany

  1. How this “Criminal Investment Scam” has been allowed to continue for so long with the approval of so-called “legitimate Governments” world-wide just goes to underline this “Decade of Greed” and all the morally bankrupt “players” that are involved.

    There is now a rapid awakening to the TRUTH about these monsters and the day of reckoning is approaching quickly for anyone “involved” in the Wind Scam.

    Governments will be replaced, Investors will go broke and NGO’s that have been living off bribes offered up to them will cease to get financial support to support their fake “eco scare tactics”!

  2. You hit the nail on the head.GREED by a handfull of people in high/respectable places,will be the ruin of many.How much longer is it going to take.Do we need a French Revolution ( off with their heads ).

  3. Think “ENRON” then you’ll understand totally, read the books, see the DVD.

  4. In Europe the people have little to say in government affairs and what the government can and cannot do to their citizens.

    Here the people do have the say in what government can and cannot do to the people.

    Elected and non-elected officials of Ontario need to be reminded that they DO NOT OWN CROWN LAND but some seem to think that they do and can do as they please with Crown land. On top of this they think they do not have to account for their actions regarding Crown land.

    People of Europe have no say in government owned land. They are in a sorry mess.

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