Eco Forum Focusing on Wind Turbines to be held in Shelburne

The Eco Forum, which will be moderated by Rev. Edward Bellsmith, takes place from 7-9pm on October 22nd at Trinity United Church, 200 Owen Sound Street, in Shelburne.    Map

This Eco Froum will focus on the controversial issue of wind turbines in Ontario. The forums were created to facilitate the need for discussion and exchange of ideas on current environmental and planning issues facing area residents. The event will open with a short documentary on a promising, new energy invention currently being tested by major corporations in the States, and features four speakers with brief presentations on wind power.

The first speaker of the evening will be Mr. Rick Coates, an energy professional from Williamsford, south of Chatham, Ontario. Mr. Coates draws on his 31 years of in depth knowledge of Ontario’s power system to support his belief that wind power is not an economically viable solution to energy or global warming problems.

Local farmer, and Melancthon Farm Owned Power investor, Bill French, is a well known and active member of the community. His family has produced vegetables and cold crops on Lennox Farms, just south of Reddickville, for the last 22 years. He will speak to represent the view of local farmers who are investing in wind power as a way “to make the family farm sustainable”.  The project, in partnership with 401 Energy, involves 35 area farmers, and 43 proposed turbines spread over 5000 acres of Melancthon farmland.

Mr. David Colling, a Ripley dairy farmer specializing in electrical pollution, will be next on the evening’s bill. Mr. Colling has assessed electrical pollution caused by wind turbines in the Ripley area, as well as Kingsbridge, Underwood, and in Amaranth Township. He confesses that he almost invested in wind turbines, but after researching the “pit falls” of wind power contracts he pulled out. He will present a power point on what farmers need to be aware of when signing with these powerful corporations.

The keynote speaker for the evening, Carmen Krogh, comes all the way from Ottawa to participate in the Shelburne forum. Ms. Krogh is a retired pharmacist with more than 40 years of experience in health. She has made a number of presentations throughout Ontario about the adverse health effects associated with wind turbines. She is a member of the Society for Wind Vigilance, a group of health care and other professionals who are requesting 3rd party health studies before proceeding with more turbines. Ms. Krogh has held senior executive positions at a major teaching hospital, a professional association and Health Canada. 

Following the one hour of presentations, a question period will be held to answer the concerns of those in attendance.  The evening is free and open to everyone. Coffee and light refreshments will be served.