Thunder Bay Deal Clears Hurdle

by James Murray  netnewledger

THUNDER BAY – City Council voted in favour of the Horizon Wind Inc. proposal last night over the facts presented by several deputations from residents, and the Nor’Wester Mountain Escarpment Protection Committee. Five members of Council, including Lynda Rydholm, Aldo Ruberto and Frank Pullia opposed the motion which will see the city lease land atop the Nor’Westers to Horizon.

Councillor Mark Bentz expressed concern over the locations of several of the turbines, which he stated would be very imposing on the escarpment.

Some of the Councillors who supported the lease, also suggested that the process should be on the plate of Bill Mauro and Michael Gravelle as the province has changed the rules on the project.

Iain Angus appealed to those opposed to the project to take their lobbying effort provincial as he stated, to save one seat in southern Ontario the province recently cancelled a controversial project. Angus voted for the agreement with Horizon.

Frank Pullia attempted to reason with Councillors that they needed more information and time before rushing into a decision.

That move was scoffed at by Andrew Foulds (Current River) who suggested that such a move was to “duck and cover”. Foulds decided that as he supports “Green Energy” that “this project is part of that package” and voted for it.

Councillor Ruberto was perhaps the most passionate imploring Councillors not to destroy something that is green and beautiful.

Mayor Peterson maintained her support for the project and voted for it.

9 thoughts on “Thunder Bay Deal Clears Hurdle

  1. This is sad.

    So, was anyone on council even informing fellow councillors on the magnitude of this scam? Heck, it’s not like there’s a shortage of information out there.

    If anyone voted to support this project knowing wind is a fraud, then they should be exposed!

    Every last one of these councillors should be booted out on the 25th. Yes, even the ones who opposed this project. You know why? Because, in my opinion, they failed miserably too.

    I feel for the people of Thunder Bay.

  2. The contract/lease with Horizon Wind can be examined for any legal flaws.

    Is Horizon Wind a viable company or is it operating on shoe string finances which would make the company unable to fulfill the terms of the contract/lease? Terms such as having enough money to remove the wind turbines at the end of the lease or clean up toxic material spills. Thus leaving the taxpayers on the hook for cleanup and removal of the wind turbines.

    Is there any person or persons connected to the making of the contract/lease who might be construed to have used influence peddling or self dealing?

  3. Should add that legal flaws are mistakes in drawing up a contract/lease which can void a contract/lease.

    Illegal flaws/mistakes are another matter.

  4. Is this a correct quotation: “Foulds decided that as he supports “Green Energy” that “this project is part of that package” and voted for it?

    Every council person has a fiduciary responsibilty to vote in the best financial interests of the City and the citizens of Thunder Bay. Since this project involves a substantial amount of money is it correct to vote just on one’s beliefs or just on something one supports?

  5. There are many reasons why a court can rule a contract null & void.

    Does anyone know the financial status of Horizon Wind? This should be public information as this is a contract/lease between the City of Thunder Bay and a private company.

  6. It dosen’t matter if Horizon Wind is a public or private company when it comes to financil disclousures.

    Here are couple of more questions:
    1.Did the thunder Bay council even ask Horizon Wind for a full and complete desclousure of it’s financial condition?
    2.If horizon Wind did make financial desclousures,did the city council have such desclousures been subjected to an audit by an independent auditor/auditors to make sure they were correct.

    If operating under three different names then all three companies need to be looked at.

    Which of the three companies has the contract/lease with the City of Thunder Bay as it may only be one of these companies with their name on the contract/lease?

  7. About two months ago I was having breakfast in Grand Maris at the South of the Border and all of the people there were ticked that they were not considered. They saw it as a chance to gain some type of employment even if it was small in number. Anything to leave a smaller footprint was their request and yet they are not even considered for such an operation.

    We voted the last council in to do are bidding as a whole and now we are taking them to task. What has the next council got to look forward to for back stabbing! Please tomorrow vote for only people you can trust to work for us. Staff that has some education and reasoning skills along with a modicome of business sence.

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