Nothing beautiful about turbines

Windsor Star   Re: New technology is going to cost, by Mary Lou Strong, Oct. 9.

Strong states that as she drives toward Port Alma, she sees wind turbines as peaceful and majestic.

I can’t disagree more as of Monday night when I went to bed and the neighbouring albatross was blaring that constant whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.  I had to get up and close the windows, but then the house got warm so I had to turn on the air conditioner. But, wait. I was using off peak power as it was after 9 p.m.

Thanks, Dalton McGuinty. One thing I know for sure is that if any of the other political parties run a horse’s behind, I will vote for it before I would vote for McGuinty.

Bill Cox, Wheatley

4 thoughts on “Nothing beautiful about turbines

  1. I now have turbines all up and down my road. They don’t make a lot of noise sometimes but when they do, oh boy. If the wind is blowing just right, it sounds like a jet plane going over or a freight train going by. Whoosh, whoosh, whoose. The closest one to us is 3000 ft away. Some of our neighbours have put their houses up for sale because of the noise. It’s now hard to have the windows open at night because of them. Thanks a lot, McGuinty.

  2. If anyone wants to promote their town for retirement homes and to increase their tax base by attracting people who want to move to their peaceful and quiet pristine landscape should start to advertise their towns as “Wind Turbine Free Zones”!

    Bet that would cause a bit of a furor at Queen’s Park wouldn’t it?

    Maybe go one step farther……………..add a phrase under the above and call it it an “NGO Free Zone!”.

    That will tell all potential new residents that the “foot soldiers” of the Green Scam won’t exist in that township!

  3. “The sound levels measured at Freedom, with its three GE1.5MW wind turbines, could also be representative of a similar facility, such as on Vinalhaven. The sound produced by the GE1.5MW turbines was observed to noticeably change when the blade pitch or speed is adjusted during wind gusts. Blade-pass-related amplitude modulations (AM) were clearly audible and measurable out to a mile, currently the farthest distance evaluated in our surveys. The nearest wind turbine controls the noise level out to about 1,000 feet.”

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