The Ontario Government has failed us miserably

9 thoughts on “The Ontario Government has failed us miserably

  1. My question would be: how long does it take a Politician to go completely “INSANE” after being voted into power?

  2. Liberals are insane to begin with. Their policies are a clear indicator of that. Expecting things to get better, while you keep doing the same things which makes matters worse, must be insane.

  3. My job takes me past the wind farms along lake erie between port alma and erieau . there must be a hundred wind mills along this stretch of road. I have never seen more than 3/4 of these mills active , often much less than 1/2 of them.. I believe we need alternative forms of power , but until we get what we’ve built already on line , do we need to build more?

  4. Hey Quixote, we’ll have to keep track after we get elected to see how long before we go bonkers.

  5. Steve: Industrial wind turbines are not alternative forms of power as that would indicate IWT produce power of use. The occasional turning of the blades does not even mean power is being produced. Power produced when we do not need power is of no value to us. Selling power at less than cost is a loss to Ontario. Worst is no one can sell just IWT power due to the variable nature of power production. IWT power needs to be smoothed out and that takes additional power from a controllable source. So to sell IWT power at a loss we must also produce and sell other power (at a loss) that would have not been produced if the IWTs were not on line. IWTs are not an alternative to much other than to provide a legal means to take our money and give it to someone else.

  6. How long does it take …………..?

    Why don’t we consign them to the cell between williams and Bernardo? Ha Ha–don’t I wish.

    What those two did to women, Liberals are doing to the rest of us.

    Add a turbine or two outside their wing for good measure.

  7. I have filed complaints with MOE and they simply ignore me now,they do not know what to do,it seems ridiculous to complain to them.They are only there to help the corporation of Ontario and Canada. Yes I do believe in conspiracies now knowing that Canada is listed as a corporation and Ontario.They will do whats best for other corporations not the will of the people.Only if there is enough protest.This is why you need to send notices of your claim of right as a man not a corporate person.Check out your birth certificate it list you as a corporate person all in capital letters.But if you claim you are a man or woman you have more rights than you think and you need to send your notices to claim your rights and your rights to live in peace in your own home and your property. Time to wake up people

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