Environmental hypocrisy

Syncrude fine a windfall for conservation groups – Oilsands giant to pay record $3 million for duck deaths

The Wolfe Island wind facility has killed many more birds than 1600 ducks.   It is just one of the dozens of projects rubberstamped by this government.  Why is the wind industry immune to prosecution?    Why is the McGuinty Liberals immune as they approved this project knowing full well the impact to the bird population in this extremely sensitive area?

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  1. $3.2 million for the death of 1600 ducks yet $0 for the destruction of 100’s of human beings lives and homes by McGuinty’s Wind Farce!


  2. Here is a pretty credible estimate for a wind farm approximately the size of the Wolfe Island facility and located reasonably close by in New York. The study generates an estimate of 5 to 10 Syncrude-sized events per year.


    Whereas with Syncrude, avian impact is only one of many negative environmental impacts, with wind farms, avian and bat impacts are arguably the most important environmental impact.

  3. “Syncrude, from the beginning, has said this is something we regret happening and we don’t want to see ever happen again. It has haunted us”

    Funny nobody from the wind industry has ever said any thing like this about the birds they kill, or the people they harm.

  4. Good question. Why is the wind industry perceived to be immune to prosecution for bird deaths?

    How does one go about charging them?

  5. The conservation & environmental groups only sue companies with deep pockets like the oil companies. It’s just a means of enriching themselves and has little to do with saving the environment.

    Court judgements have been a money machine for them for years.Also some of the green groups have sold out to the wind industry for money.

    Environmental groups favor the wind turbine industry becaue it makes them look greener and have been great backers of green busineses.

    By and large governments have exempted the wind industry by not prosecuting them for bird and bat deaths. It’s more important to install wind turbines than it is to protect wildlife. Have to save planet earth from climate change.

  6. Methinks Mother Earth is grieving the deaths of her airborne children. Woe be upon them who murder the birds and bats in the name of the Mother.

    Kill planet earth to save planet earth.

    I call this genuine sin.

  7. Claire asks how one pursues an environmental prosecution.

    I have some experience with private citizen-based environmental prosecutions. Google “tom adams deloro” as one example of my bona fides. I coauthored a monograph on the subject called the “Citizens Guide to Environmental Investigation and Public Prosecution”. I can advise that these types of prosecutions often take years, require advanced legal and forensic investigation skills, require very substantial resources, can expose the initiators to considerable personal legal risks, and have a low likelihood of success. I would discourage anyone from taking on such a task without a detailed plan.

    Wind power is by no means a uniquely damaging power source with respect to birds and bats.

    There is a need for better science measuring actual bird and bat kills at Ontario wind sites. My view is that putting effort into improving the science may prove more constructive in the long run than prosecution. Wind farm neighbours might be able to do very good citizen science if they use a well planned methodology and deliver the work meticulously.

  8. It does disturb me that David Suzuki would endorse a machine that can reap so many of the animals he claims to want to protect.
    The fact that those running Industrial Wind Turbine sites are not expected to minimize bird deaths shows that those doing environmental assessments are somehow skewed.

  9. Sorry, but Tom suggestion that more science is needed ignores the facts of the Wolfe Island case.

    Wolfe Island is an IBA and ANSI, Level 4, of highest concern. The MNR, the MOE, NRCanada — joined environmental groups like the Sierra Club, Audubon Society, Nature Canada, and Lake Ontario Waterkeepers in opposing the siting and concentration of development on Wolfe Island. In other words, the science was there — it was just DELIBERATELY IGNORED.

    How about implementing the Helimax Study, commissioned by the Ontario Government, that would ban intensive development in Ontario IBAs.

    Wolfe Island was a sacrificial lamb — and now it is a disgrace. Remember the 1200 birds and 2600 bats figures were for ONLY 6 MONTHS. The second report is yet to be released. Let’s stop sidestepping the issues with calls for “more science”. How about accepting the recommendations of scientists and stop slicing up birds and bats in IBAs.

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